Short-selling surges, the dollar plummets

January 20 is the day Trump left the presidency.

On the next two important days, on December 14, the electors will meet in the states, and on January 6, the votes will be counted in the U.S. Capitol. These are the final days for the highest authority to decide the next president.
The dust settled.
Trump is trying his best to stumble, prevent the smooth transfer of power, trigger a legal and constitutional crisis, and cause greater tears in the United States.
After decades of polarization between the rich and the poor, more and more people in the United States are robbing more and more resources and entering the cycle of entropy growth.
Housekeeper” does not turn the key

Emily Murphy (Emily Murphy), the “big steward” of the federal government and the current Administrator of the General Services Agency (GSA), refused to comment.
According to the “Washington Post” report, after Biden announced his victory, Emily Murphy, the director of the General Services Administration, did not sign the transfer of transition funds, corresponding materials, and contact channels, nor did he sign relevant documents. s plan.
Pamela Pennington, a spokesperson for the General Services Administration, clarified that the Director did not sign relevant documents because the general election situation has not yet been clarified, and the Director’s failure to sign is to act in accordance with the law. After all the circumstances are clarified, the director will continue to abide by and fulfill all regulations in accordance with the law.
Don’t admit that Biden won the election, don’t give keys, don’t give resources.
In 1963, the United States signed the Presidential Transition Act. Under normal circumstances, after the new president is confirmed in the general election, the Director of the US General Services Administration, who is in charge of federal buildings and other resources, will sign a document (letter) to officially hand over the approved millions to the transition team of the winner. US dollars, official contact channels, office areas and equipment of various agencies, etc.

The transfer of power from Bush to Obama is called perfect

The transfer of power from Bush to Obama is called perfect

The transfer of power from Bush to Obama is called perfect
Once the Director of General Services has signed the relevant letter, the current US government will release computer systems, salary payments and administrative support, as well as assist in the establishment of a new government, which is expected to cost approximately US$9.9 million.
Officials of the transition team obtained government e-mail addresses, obtained office space, and launched a series of government transition operations.
In theory, Murphy only needs to do routine work, and on the second day of election day (candidates usually have already admitted victory or defeat) the “ascertainment” procedure, signing a letter acknowledging the winner.
Now, Trump refuses to admit defeat, Murphy does not express his position, and ignores the Democratic Party’s inquiry letter, and the government handover process cannot be initiated.
Biden’s transition team was unable to access resources through normal channels. There was no federal government official address book, intelligence briefing, and vaccine distribution plan, and 6 million funds were frozen.
Biden had to raise 10 million US dollars urgently as a transitional fund.
What Biden is doing now is to bypass the current government, connect directly with the states, build his own team, and speak out to the public.
Why are the Republicans still supporting Trump? For one thing, they hope to use the current chaotic situation to gain an advantage in the Senate.
The Republican senator from South Dakota, the second-most person in the Republican Party after McConnell, directly admitted that the Republican Party needs Trump supporters.
Georgia became the focus.

Currently, the Democrats have determined to win 48 seats in the Senate, and the Republicans have determined to win 50 seats. In January next year, Georgia will re-elect senators. If the Democrats can win two seats, they will be equally divided in the Senate with Republicans, each with 50 seats.
The Senate vote is even, and the Vice President, as the Speaker of the Senate, can play a key role in one vote.
Campaign funds are flooding into Georgia.
The Trump administration requires several states to recount their votes, and Georgia is the most closely watched. On November 21, the Trump campaign once again asked Georgia to recount the votes. Georgia will conduct a second recount of all paper ballots in the state’s 2020 US presidential election.
You know, Georgia has already conducted a recount, and the results were just released on the 19th, confirming that Biden’s votes surpassed Trump.
According to the rules of the game, Trump has the right to request a recount, but he has repeatedly asked for a recount. It is nothing more than trying to mix things up and wait until the results of the congressman election next year are released.
Trump is so cooperative, one has to doubt that Trump is playing a game with the Republican leaders to avoid being held accountable after resigning as president.
Trump wants to ensure his wealth status so that he can live a stable life after stepping down, while the Republican leaders are planning for the next election.
We have already said that Trump has realized that the premature launch of the top judge of the Republican faction has made himself lose the bargaining chip. In the election of members of the Senate, he will never let himself repeat the same mistakes.

Trump enjoys golf for the sole purpose of destroying the United States

After the above analysis, we can understand that Trump is now a pawn for the Republican Party to increase its bargaining chips.
Even participating in the G20 meeting does not delay Trump’s tweets. He is even playing perfunctory international meetings.
Everything Trump is doing now is to disrupt the situation.
On November 21, Trump tweeted questioning the results of the election, questioning hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots, spitting “(the 2020 president of the United States) election is a scam” and questioning why Biden formed a cabinet so quickly .He questioned high-tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and almost all the media.
At 2:30 pm on November 20th, Trump held a press conference at the White House to reduce drug prices, accusing Pfizer and other American pharmaceutical companies of deliberately delaying the release of vaccine results until after the election in order to prevent him from winning, criticizing large pharmaceutical companies Against yourself.
Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies did not evaluate the data in October as originally planned, and the results would have been available in October. They waited until after the election, because pharmaceutical companies felt that this would affect the results of the election.
Trump criticized the media for fake news and criticized large technology companies.
Another thing Trump does is to play golf. Since the election day on November 3, Trump has played golf for 4 days and has played more than 310 golf during his entire tenure.
At 8 o’clock in the morning on November 21, the G20 summit opened. Trump expressed that he would occupy a leading position for a long time, and then started tweeting. Then, he left the White House before 10 o’clock in the morning and went to a place outside Washington, DC. golf Club.
Then, there was a picture of the leader on the golf course. He was wearing a red jacket, a white hat and a golf club in his hand.
The Guardian wrote sharply: Trump skipped the “outbreak prevention” discussion session of the G20 summit and went to one of his golf clubs. At the same time, the number of new confirmed cases of new crown in the United States was 19.85 within 24 hours. Million cases.
At the beginning of the election, he played golf.

The election was stuck, and he played golf.

The world’s major leaders discussed the fight against the epidemic, and he played golf.

Trump directly labelled the Democratic Party as corrupt.
As long as the fan believes that the number of fans does not decrease and is exempted, he will win.

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