Nio owners don’t wear face masks on planes

Nio owners don't wear face masks on planes
On January 10, a video was released by netizens claiming that about 100 owners of NIO booked a flight of Air China CA4338 to attend the launch of NIO Day in Chengdu. The owners sang and danced in the cabin without wearing masks and followed the music, causing hot discussion about their improper behavior.

According to Cover News, Air China staff responded that such behavior is not allowed and the incident is under investigation. On the morning of January 11, Jiemian News contacted an Air China official to confirm the incident, but he said: “There is no official response to release at this time.”

Video footage shows Nio owners playing music and singing along in the plane’s cabin, while some passengers get up and sway to the music in a lively atmosphere.

A senior captain told Jiemian News: “When the plane is cruising, there will be unforeseen turbulence. If the turbulence is serious, the passenger is likely to be injured, or even other passengers will be injured when they fall down. The cabin crew should put a stop to this.”

However, he noted that on private charter flights, customers communicate with the airline in advance that in-flight activities will be held, and flight attendants generally do not intervene if safety is ensured. There are also special events on regular passenger flights, such as marriage proposals, birthdays and time-limited themed events, “but for the most part, passengers will be seated in their seats and will be guided by the flight crew.”

JieijianNews has learned that if it is a scheduled commercial passenger flight of a civil aviation company, the relevant provisions of Civil Aviation Administration “Carrier Operation Qualification Examination Rules for Large Aircraft Public Air Transport” (CCAR121) are applicable. If it is a business jet providing charter business, it is applicable to the “Small Aircraft Commercial Transport Operator Operational Qualification Certification Rules” (CCAR135).

CCAR135 Department pointed out that the implementation of non-scheduled passenger transport flight aircraft include: passenger seat number (excluding crew seats) not more than 30 seats, and the maximum commercial load of not more than 3400 kg aircraft; Single-engine aircraft; Rotor machine.

According to the data of flight manager, Flight CA4338 is a scheduled passenger flight of Air China, which is scheduled to take off from T3 of Baoan, Shenzhen at 11:55 and arrive at Chengdu Shuangliu T2 at 14:17. The flight model is an Airbus A330. In addition, there were 100 owners of NIO on the charter flight that day, which was almost the same as the number of passengers on ordinary commercial flights. The owners of NIO also printed boarding passes at the check-in counter, waited in the terminal hall, checked in and boarded the plane like other passengers.

Thus, this charter flight and ordinary commercial passenger flight no obvious difference, need to comply with the onboard epidemic prevention regulations, cabin safety management order.

Also mentioned in the video, the flight of the captain, the co-pilot, cabin crew are wei to the owner, a captain from three navigation interface news interview, said, according to its fresh experience, customers in the charter agreement signed with airlines generally does not include specific unit content, in other words, the customer can’t participate in the process of the crew is equipped with, as a result, “crew are wei to owner” is also in doubt.

JiemianNews noted that in view of the charter flight behavior, some car owners on the Weibo voice: before departure, everyone need to do nucleic acid test before participating; Shenzhen has not seen a resurgence of the epidemic. The charter flight behavior has nothing to do with NIO and belongs to the owner’s self-organization and initiative.

As for the practice of passengers not wearing masks during the flight to Chengdu, the senior captain explained to Jiemian News that in the context of epidemic prevention and control, passengers on the plane did not wear masks is obviously a violation of relevant regulations. “The plane is a public place and crowded with people. Although the nucleic acid test has been done, there is a certain time lag between the detection and boarding. During this time period, the possibility of infection cannot be ruled out.

In the Technical Guide for Prevention and Control of Epidemic Diseases for Transport Airlines and Airports issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China, the section of “Prevention and Control of Passenger Air Travel” clearly stipulates that non-contact temperature detection devices should be used to detect the temperature of passengers before boarding. Wear a mask throughout the flight and don’t remove it unless necessary.

The section of “Prevention and control measures for in-flight services” also requires that the cabin crew broadcast the precautions for in-flight health prevention and control before take-off and during the flight, including at least the second item in the “Air Travel Measures for Passengers”, i.e. wearing masks during the whole flight, etc.

In addition to the epidemic prevention and control risks, whether NIO owners singing and dancing on the plane has any impact on the plane load balance? The captain told Jiemian News that there are certain factors. If there is a special situation where the vast majority of passengers move in the same direction, it will cause the balance of the plane’s center of gravity to exceed the scope of the flight envelope, threatening flight safety.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China “Civil Aircraft Incident Investigation Regulations”, aircraft damage, personnel injury or other situations that affect safety related to aircraft occur during the operation of civil aircraft or in the airport activity area, but the severity does not constitute a sign, which is called as a general incident.

Specifically, how to characterize and deal with the non-wearing masks and singing and dancing behaviors of NIO owners on board the plane still needs to wait for Air China and Civil Aviation Administration to release relevant results after understanding the investigation.

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  1. Veronica says:

    Videos posted online showed a number of people singing, playing guitars and jumping around inside the plane’s cabin, with few wearing masks.

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