“Decoupling security” lifts the imagination?

"Decoupling security" lifts the imagination?
Sixteen block trades, $550 billion, or “zero discount.” Who’s crazy about cash? Unhook security “enhances imagination space?

Emotion under the A shares, some people plan to add positions into the market, some have begun to withdraw!

Shares of security leader Hikvision continued to hit a record high of 61.31 yuan per share on Monday, with the total market value soaring to 550 billion yuan.

Although the share price surged continuously, the after-hours data showed that Hiksight had 16 block trades at zero discount, with a total turnover of 1.498 billion yuan, and the sellers were all institutional seats. From another point of view, can be completed in such a high zero discount to reduce holdings, shows that the market is quite optimistic about Haikang.

January 8, Haikongwei announced that the planned subsidiary fluorite network split listing, the institution is almost unanimously optimistic, that Haikang is expected to gradually “decoupling” security, will bring the valuation system of steady upward.

It is worth noting that investing in Hikvision makes Gong Hongjia, an investment leader, famous in World War I. However, with the Hikvision’s rise, Gong Hongjia began to reduce holdings. Despite the frequent reduction of holdings, Gong Hongjia is still quite optimistic about Haikang, believing that it has developed into a company with artificial intelligence as its main business.

“Decoupling” Security, turning into an AI company, Hikvision’s stock has room to imagine again?

Hikvision hits new record high with 16 block deals

It is worth noting that since December 31, 2020, the turnover of Hikvision has been significantly enlarged, soaring from 2 billion to 7 billion, attracting rapid capital inflows.

On January 11, Hikvision’s share price hit a new record high, reaching a high of 61.31 yuan per share. After rising 51.40% in 2020, the stock price rose 21.62% in the first six trading days of 2021, and the total market value soared to 550 billion yuan.

After big deals data show, however, hikvision 11 appeared 16 zero discount bulk deal, clinch a deal amount is the same as the closing price, are all 59 yuan/share, clinch a deal amount is 1.498 billion yuan, a large transaction amount accounted for 19.17% of turnover on the day the seller seats are institutions, should be the same shareholders to sell cash or underweight.

The buyers of bulk transactions are mainly in the business department and institutional use of CICC Shanghai Branch. Among them, CICC Shanghai branch business department is the main receiving party, receiving the amount of more than 1.1 billion yuan, the high probability is also the institutional receiving, and the selling can be completed in such a high zero discount bulk transactions, showing the market is quite optimistic about the attitude of Haikon vision.

It is worth noting that, with the Hai Kang Wei view of the rise, shareholders reduce the action frequently.

Among them, in 2020, Gong Hongjia reduced his holdings in Hikvision on a large scale for many times. According to Wind data, Gong Hongjia’s latest sale took place on December 30, 2020, less than two weeks ago, when Gong Hongjia sold 34.19 million shares through a block trade at an average price of 44.27 yuan, and the transaction value reached 1.514 billion yuan.

That is, in the whole year of 2020, Gong Hongjia’s accumulative cash has reached 8.5 billion yuan, and the accumulative cash has exceeded 20 billion yuan since the listing. I wonder whether the seller of this high-cash bulk transaction is Gong Hongjia’s doing? Up to now, Hikvision has no specific announcement of the bulk transaction involving shareholder reduction.

In addition, the recent reduction of Haikang shareholders Zhejiang Orient Financial Holdings Group. On January 4, Zhejiang Orient reduced its holdings of 9.439 million Hikvision shares on November 6 solstice on December 31, trading at an average price of 48.91 yuan.

Split fluorite network listing, “decoupling security” valuation system reconstruction?

It is planned that the subsidiary will be split and listed on the market, which is another major action in the near future of Haikongwei.

On the evening of January 8, Hikvision announced that it planned to change its holding subsidiary Hangzhou Fluorite Network into a limited company and then split it off to the science and technology innovation board for listing. After the spin-off, Hykvision will retain control of Fluorite Network, of which Hykvision currently holds a 60 per cent stake.


According to the data, Fluorite Network was founded in 2015. Its main business is to provide open cloud services for the management of Internet of Things devices for smart home and other related industries, as well as the design, development, production and sales of smart home products such as smart home cameras, smart home entry, smart control and smart service robots.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the revenue of fluorite network is 1.026 billion yuan, 1.515 billion yuan and 2.426 billion yuan respectively. In the first three quarters of 2020, the revenue was 2.049 billion yuan and the net profit was 273 million yuan.

Countries hold securities pointed out that the future with hikvision digital EBG revenue brought by the open market space of continued ascension, more and more AI technology into the company’s various product line, superposition of innovation business incubation in succession of the plates break up, to break the inflexible impression that makes the company, market is expected to gradually and the traditional understanding of the company’s “security” the word “decoupling”, the valuation system steadily upward.

Anxin Securities said that the maintenance of Hikvision buy rating, split fluorite to science and technology board listing started the first shot of innovative business upgrading. First, Fluorite Network will be listed independently as the listing platform of the company’s subordinate smart home and cloud platform service business. Second, fluorite network has formed a “1+4+N” product and business system; Third, Fluorite Network as the head of the smart home industry manufacturers, has a prominent market position and recognition.

Gong Hongjia previously said in an interview with Securities Times that Hikvision is no longer focusing on traditional security in the past, but has developed into a company with artificial intelligence as its main business. He is quite optimistic about the prospects of hard technology enterprises, especially the upsurge of domestic substitution.

“In the past few years, hikvision completed from a video monitor company’s transformation to artificial intelligence, high shares of innovation, mainly because the market investors from its income composition and the influence of new products in the market, finally realized that it is in China’s largest company, one of artificial intelligence in the car electronics, robotics, industrial production, pet monitoring, care, storage robot application scenario has a very large proportion.” Gong Hongjia said.

Feng Liu floating surplus or up to 5 billion yuan, 60 institutions intensive research

Since last year, Gong Hongjia and other shareholders began to reduce their holdings frequently and withdraw from the market at high levels, but Feng Liu, a private equity tycoon, stepped in aggressively in the third quarter of last year. With the soaring stock price of Hiksight, Feng Liu’s position may have seen a large amount of profits.

According to Hikvision’s third-quarter report, Gao Yi Linshan No.1 Yuanwang Fund, managed by Feng Liu, has become one of the top ten new shareholders, holding 231 million shares, or 2.47%. If holding Hikvision unchanged, calculated according to the current closing price, the market value of the position reaches 13.629 billion yuan, floating profit or 5 billion yuan.

As the performance of Haikongwei continued to improve, and began to decouple “security”, into artificial intelligence company, the stock price is also constantly innovative high, the research enthusiasm of the institution is high.

On January 11, Hikvision released news that on December 22,2020, the company received a total of 60 institutions such as Jefferies, including many fund companies, securities companies and insurance asset management.

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