Tencent Meetings officially upgraded across the board

In September of this year, Tencent Meetings officially upgraded across the board, with the release of Tencent Meeting Enterprise Edition, Meeting Room Connectors, Tencent Meeting Rooms and other products to create exclusive meeting capabilities for enterprises and achieve high efficiency between people and meeting rooms The connection enables online meetings to truly realize the sense of ceremony and hierarchy of offline meetings.

First of all, Tencent Meeting Enterprise Edition has been fully upgraded in technology, achieving an unprecedented breakthrough in video conferencing capacity.

Tencent Conference Enterprise Edition provides a large conference capacity of 2,000 people, which allows companies to easily move offline employee conferences, 1,000-person training conferences, and salon summits to the cloud; yes, it also allows multiple meetings to be communicated layer by layer. Information can be directly and accurately passed to every participant in a 1,000-person conference-completely solving the problem of the venue, “relaxing” the organizers, and greatly helping the company to improve the efficiency and height of internal communication.

Of course, Tencent Meeting Enterprise Edition also provides preventive measures in terms of security and privacy of meetings.

Meeting password, move out of meeting, lock meeting, meeting waiting room, screen sharing watermark, WeChat special invitation meeting, provide multiple security protection for corporate meetings. Based on the AES 256 encryption algorithm, it is the guardian of corporate conference data security.

Finally, in order to ensure the ultimate online experience, Tencent Conference redefines the high-definition audio and video experience of cloud conferences.

Through the joint Tencent Multimedia Laboratory, using AI algorithms and big data analysis capabilities, the upgraded Tencent Conference across the board has fully improved the quality of audio and video calls.

For video, the enterprise version supports up to 1080P high-definition picture quality, which makes the picture quality more delicate and clear. The shared screen adopts TSE proprietary coding technology to increase the compression efficiency of shared content by up to 50%, and through YUV444 sampling and coding, it can effectively solve the problems of color distortion and blurred text, improve the visual quality of the shared screen, and make remote presentations and exchanges beautiful face-to-face communication.

Tencent Conference Enterprise Edition supports up to 1080P high-definition picture quality, allowing remote communication to repeat face-to-face communication

Tencent Conference effectively solves the problems of color distortion and blurred text, improves the look and feel of the shared screen, and makes remote presentations easier and easier

In terms of audio, based on Tencent’s Teana audio technology, Tencent Conference is the first to apply ultra-wideband voice technology that represents cutting-edge trends, which can recognize human voices and music more intelligently, and present more detailed sound details.

At the same time, through upgrading and adopting a variety of acoustic scene recognition technologies, intelligently identifying the noise characteristics in different environments such as trains, coffee shops, roadsides, etc., to produce the best noise reduction mode, and truly achieve no noise in the meeting.

Whether the participants are in an indoor coffee shop or an outdoor scene, Tencent conference can be called the best noise reduction mode to ensure clear sound quality and no noise

In terms of network stability, the self-developed dedicated network transmission engine Pere can accurately identify network damage scenarios, enhance the stability of audio and video transmission under weak networks, and effectively reduce network delay to 80ms. Through layered coding technology, let you be in different networks The average value under the quality can enjoy the best audio and video presentation effect.

Tencent Meeting

With the official release of Tencent Conference Enterprise Edition, the remote office experience has been redefined, and Tencent’s influence in this emerging field has been increasingly released.

In terms of the number of users, the number of Tencent meeting users has exceeded 1 billion, becoming the most popular video conferencing product in China;

In terms of technical capabilities, Tencent Meeting Enterprise Edition has raised the technological content of video conferencing to an unprecedented level;

From the perspective of industry trends, every innovation and breakthrough of Tencent Conference is based on user needs and solving industry pain points. While satisfying the market, it is also innovating and leading the market.

So, will the future online conference market usher in Tencent’s moment?

The market ushered in Tencent moment?

In fact, as an emerging incremental market, whether it is Zoom or Tencent meetings, the field of remote office has not really been disruptive products before its birth.
In the final analysis, the ceiling for entering the remote office market space is still unknown. In the post-epidemic era, no one can identify the correct number. Instead, the differentiation of each product in terms of service experience and product characteristics is not yet obvious, and many vertical segments still need to be explored.
Therefore, it is too early to say that the market is fully welcoming Tencent. However, in the Tencent meeting, you can see the shadow of QQ and WeChat.
Tencent has always had its own unique product philosophy in the social field. For example, QQ and WeChat, every product transformation is dedicated to connecting an isolated island of information, so that information can be transmitted in a simpler, freer, and more comfortable way. In this information communication process from 1 to +∞, it embodies the ultimate pursuit of borderless connections.
The same is true for Tencent Meeting. While launching the enterprise version of Tencent Meeting, Tencent Meeting also provides users with personal and business versions of services to meet the needs of online meetings in different scenarios.

It looks like a ToB-side product, but in fact it looks like a part of Tencent’s business social ecology. Tencent Meetings can not only realize comfortable personal business communication, but also serve small, medium and micro enterprises. It can also provide a convenient one-stop cloud meeting solution for large-scale meetings and employee training across regions and enterprises.
With the development of cloud computing and 5G technology, it is bound to bring more imagination to the cloud conference market. After QQ and WeChat, Tencent Conference seems to be on the way to become a new generation of phenomenal products.

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  1. Brooke says:

    Through the all-round upgrading of audio and video capabilities, Tencent conference has achieved comprehensive leadership in clarity, fluency and real-time experience, redefining the high-definition audio and video experience of cloud conference.

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