This year the pharmaceutical industry is ordinary and great

Although the stocks of the pharmaceutical industry have been effective in 2020, for the pharmaceutical industry, this year is extremely extraordinary.
In early January, the second round of centralized drug procurement across the country ended with the largest price drop of 93%; the outbreak of the new crown epidemic brought unprecedented challenges to pharmaceutical R&D, production, distribution and various services.
In this context, the prices of centralized medicines are greatly reduced, the supply of epidemic prevention materials is in short supply, and vaccine research and development are imminent. In this context, Chinese pharmaceutical companies have fulfilled their mission and raced against time. Abundant medical supplies, advanced vaccine processes, and high-quality medical services have made people across the country feel the greatness of doctors and the hardships of medical professionals.
For Jointown, which focuses on the field of pharmaceutical circulation, in Hubei, where the epidemic is the most severe, the pressure on the distribution of medical supplies can be imagined. When the epidemic was the most severe, the company undertook the distribution of medicines and anti-epidemic materials from key anti-epidemic hospitals, Jinyintan, Leishenshan, Huoshenshan, and Fangcang shelter hospitals.
Under the background that the Wuhan Red Cross is responsible for receiving material donations from all walks of life, due to limited manpower, inexperience, and a large number of materials, there was chaos at the beginning. Later, Kyushu Tong was ordered to assist the Red Cross in the storage management of various materials and medicines. Kyushu Tong quickly applied Kyushu Yuncang logistics management system to the processes of storage, classification, storage, deployment and delivery of epidemic prevention materials. A modern and efficient logistics system was soon established in the National Expo Center.

With years of hard work in the field of pharmaceutical circulation, Jointown has broken through all difficulties and obstacles and completed a series of anti-epidemic tasks with high quality and efficiency. The defense of Wuhan and Hubei are inseparable from the silent efforts of pharmaceutical companies like Jointown.
After facing the test of the epidemic, what plans does Jointown have for the future? What are your judgments on the Chinese pharmaceutical market?
In response to these issues, Financial Headlines recently had an exclusive conversation with Liu Zhaonian, Vice Chairman of Jointown, to explore the future development direction of Jointown in the post-epidemic era and the latest thinking on the medical and medical industry.

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  1. Liliana says:

    In the spring of 2020, a sudden outbreak of the epidemic made our previously peaceful life not as good as usual.

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