Is Apple Car really coming?

Last night, the stock prices of Apple and Tesla attracted the attention of global investors. Apple’s stock price rose by 2.85% as of the close, the market value rose by 400 billion yuan, and Tesla’s market value continued to evaporate…


Apple wants to build a car?

On December 22, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Apple is advancing self-driving car technology and plans to produce a passenger car in 2024, which may include breakthrough battery technology developed by the company itself.

Reuters reported that people who know Apple’s battery design have learned that the core of Apple’s project (automotive project) strategy is a new battery design that may “fundamentally” reduce battery costs and increase car mileage. . According to reports, Apple plans to use a unique “single battery” design to increase the volume of the single battery and release the space inside the battery pack by omitting the packaging and modules that contain battery materials. Apple’s design means that more active materials can be filled in the battery, making the car’s potential cruising range longer.

According to the timetable reported by Reuters, Apple will not officially launch the vehicle until four years later, which is consistent with previous expectations that Apple will launch the vehicle in 2023-2024.

The day before, Chinese Taiwanese media reported that Apple is expected to release Apple cars in September next year. The report also said that dozens of Apple Car’s first prototypes have been secretly tested in California, and Apple has recently requested many auto parts manufacturers in Taiwan.

We don’t know how the future will evolve, but judging from the innovative actions of the technology giants, this may be a new milestone. In the future, when we see Apple Car, it may be the same as when we first saw the iPhone.

Apple’s market value rose by 400 billion yuan overnight
The layout of new energy vehicles does not start today

As early as 2007, Jobs met with the then CEO of Volkswagen Group Martin Wendern to discuss a product called “iCar”. However, as for the development path of new energy vehicles, Apple has always been in a state of strategic uncertainty.

After the news of Apple building a car, the stock price rose 5% last night, and then the increase narrowed. As of the close, it rose by 2.85%, and the market value rose by 400 billion yuan.

Some netizens even joked that Apple’s stock price is now very cheap, with a price-earnings ratio of only 40 times, but now it is an electric vehicle company with a price-earnings ratio of 700 times. The fair price target is $2280!

Is Tesla stock scared?

From Monday to Tuesday, Tesla’s stock price fell for two consecutive days, with a cumulative decline of 7.86%, and the market value evaporated by 51.8 billion US dollars (about 340 billion yuan).

According to reports, Vitali Kalesnik, partner and head of European research at Research Affiliates, a US investment research firm, said that although Tesla is a great company, the current Tesla stock has a very strong high. Estimate signs.

On December 23, Beijing time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that in the darkest days of the Model 3 project, he had found Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) Discussed the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla, but Cook refused to meet.


Apple really wants to build a car? Big bank opinions are now divided

Although Apple has not publicly acknowledged that it is developing Apple Car, the market believes that everything is possible, and the entry of technology giants is bound to become an important competitor of Tesla and have a certain impact on Tesla.

In this regard, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said that the bank’s long-term consensus is that Apple will one day design and manufacture cars by itself. But Citi analyst Jim Suva said on Tuesday that he “quite doubt” whether Apple will actually make cars. He said that because the profit margin of the automotive industry is much lower than that of Apple’s main business, the end result may be that Apple will push its OS deeper into the consumer and enterprise markets.

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  1. Ione says:

    Because margins in the auto industry are much lower than in Apple’s main business, the end result could be Apple pushing its OS deeper into the consumer and enterprise markets.

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