Spread by 70%! British new coronavirus variant

When will the British mutant virus appear?

On December 21, local time, the WHO held a regular press conference. Maria van Kochoff, the technical director of WHO’s health emergency project, said that by studying the characteristics of the case and the sequence of the virus gene, British researchers found the name The virus variant of “B117” and a retrospective analysis of cases in the southeast of England revealed that such variants already existed in some cases in September this year.

Maria van Kokhoff said that South Africa has also discovered another variant of the new coronavirus. Although it appeared at the same time, it is an unrelated variant. South Africa has notified the WHO of the preliminary results of some studies. .

Is the fatality rate of mutant viruses higher?

WHO Director-General Tan Desai said at the press conference that the virus will mutate over time, which is natural and expected. The UK reported that the mutated virus is more likely to spread, but there is currently no evidence that it is more likely to cause severe illness or death. WHO is working with scientists to understand how the mutation affects virus behavior.

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Tan Desai emphasized that the spread of all new coronaviruses needs to be contained as soon as possible. The higher the spread of the virus, the more opportunities for the virus to change. All governments and everyone need to take preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus.

Can the virus be detected after it mutates?

Maria van Kokhov said that most of the current detection tools target multiple targets on the genetic sequence, and virus variants will not affect such detection. However, a small number of tests only target a single target on the viral gene sequence. Such tests may be affected by virus mutations. The effectiveness of all the testing tools used in the UK is now being studied.
There is no indication of the impact of this new coronavirus variant on treatment methods, and related research is ongoing.

Has the mutant virus been imported into my country?

Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that from the current virus sequences obtained in my country, including viruses obtained from various sources such as imported personnel, goods, and cold chain products, no mutated virus has been imported in my country. Relevant departments will continue to pay close attention to and closely monitor the activities of the virus.
△On December 21, local time, Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom showed that multi-national flights had been cancelled.

Can I still travel during the New Year’s Day holiday?

In addition to the worrisome variants of the new crown virus in the UK, since December, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated, with an average of more than 600,000 new confirmed cases and 10,000 new deaths per day. At the same time, many domestic reports have reported new cases. The increase in local sporadic cases or clusters of epidemics is also worrying many people. Can you still travel during the upcoming New Year’s Day holiday?
In this regard, Feng Zijian said that the overall situation in our country is safe and can travel during the New Year’s Day holiday. However, it is still necessary to maintain interpersonal distance, wear masks, strengthen personal hygiene, and minimize travel for the elderly and patients with chronic diseases.

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    A novel coronavirus was discovered in the south-east of England and has since spread to other countries.

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