The “Celebrity Effect” of Vaccination

Globally, the peak of the first round of vaccination of the new crown vaccine has arrived. Since the “first wave of the epidemic in the United States has never ended”, the key populations and the elderly and high-risk populations in the United States ushered in a glimmer of light.

On the last Friday (December 18), US Vice President Pence faced a room of cameras and received the first dose of the new crown pneumonia vaccine at the White House. “Yes, yes. I don’t feel anything at all.” Shortly after the vaccination, Burns said wearing a mask. “Don’t doubt, this is a medical miracle.”

Two days before the vaccination, the White House announced on the 16th that Vice President Pence and his wife would vaccinate publicly in an effort to “promote (vaccine) safety and effectiveness.” During the entire vaccination process, Pence praised the “safe and effective” of the vaccine at least 8 times in front of the camera.

While Pence was vaccinated, the latest single-day number of new cases in the United States nearly doubled. In the early stage of the epidemic, prevention and control were ignored and loopholes were numerous, making vaccination work even more necessary and urgent.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved two vaccines in a row-on the 11th, approved the emergency use of the new crown vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and the German Biotech Company; on the 18th, approved US biotech companies The emergency use authorization application for the new crown vaccine developed by Modena.

The specific vaccination work started last Monday (December 14). According to data compiled by the New York Times, as of December 18, more than 128,000 Americans had completed the vaccination.

On December 18, in Monterey Park, California, medical staff received Pfizer’s new crown vaccine in a makeshift tent.

Although many Americans were hesitant to get a vaccine earlier, this situation has gradually changed with the introduction of the vaccine.

According to a survey released by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) last week, the number of people in the United States determined or likely to receive the new crown vaccine has increased significantly. Compared with only 63% of respondents from August to September this year, they expressed their willingness to be vaccinated. In the survey at the end of November and early December, this number increased to about 71%.

“I should be vaccinated. Because I want to return to my normal life and want to travel.” Ms. Mao, who works in California, told China Business News reporter, “Our local doctors and nurses have been vaccinated. I still trust doctors. .But I definitely won’t vaccinate now because I’m young and don’t have to go out to work. When it’s my turn, it will be a few months later.”

The “Celebrity Effect” of Vaccination

The United States, which is about to usher in Christmas, has repeatedly hit new highs in epidemic data. Epidemic data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 19th showed that on the 18th, more than 400,000 new confirmed cases of new crowns were reported in the United States, reaching 403,359, which is a new increase in a single day in a country worldwide. The highest number on record; the number of new deaths was 2756.

According to statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of the evening of the 19th Eastern Time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 17.6 million, and the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 315,000.

Researchers believe that trust in vaccines can increase the vaccination rate, but how to increase people’s confidence in vaccines?

“As more and more vaccines are on the market and people become more familiar with it, I think people’s hesitation will decrease,” said Xiaoqi Spaner, a medical anthropologist at the Johns Hopkins University Health Safety Center in the United States. (MonicaSchoch-Spana) said, “There are still a large number of people in wait-and-see mode. They are interested in vaccination, but they also want to see more evidence of safety.”

Inoculation and endorsement of the vaccine by celebrities may serve as a good example. Noel Brewer, a professor in the Department of Health Behavior at the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina, explained: “This is a very effective method.”

For example, US Secretary of Public Health Jerome Adams (Jerome Adams) also completed the vaccination with the Pence couple in front of the camera. Adams previously said in an interview about the issue of vaccinating high-level people such as the president and public health officials: “It is symbolic for people like me to be vaccinated.”

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Pelosi, was also vaccinated that day. The President-elect Biden and his wife are reported to be vaccinated against the new crown on the 21st.

In addition, former US Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama have all actively expressed their willingness to vaccinate in front of the camera to prove the safety of the vaccine to the Americans. “I may eventually broadcast (the vaccination process) on TV, or have someone film it, just to let people know that I believe in science and what I don’t trust is the (consequence) of the new crown.” Obama said Said in an interview with the media.

In fact, during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, Obama rolled up his sleeves and injected the vaccine in front of the White House photographer.

On December 18th, Fauci, a US public health expert and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that he was waiting for the National Institutes of Health to receive the allocated vaccine and then administer the injection. The agency’s batch of vaccines is expected Will arrive next week. He is expected to be vaccinated during the week of December 21. “I’m ready,” Fauci said. “I will get the vaccine as soon as possible. I hope to finish it in the next few days to early next week.”

In addition, according to British media reports, Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of the Fox Group and Executive Chairman of News Corporation, received a new crown vaccination in the UK on the 18th after receiving a call to notify him of being eligible for vaccination. The 89-year-old media tycoon is eligible for the first round of vaccination.

On December 16, 81-year-old Ian McKellen, a British actor who played the role of “Gandalf” in the movie “The Lord of the Rings”, also completed the first injection in London. McKellen said: “The vaccination rate among older generations should be 100%, because you are not only vaccinating yourself, but also those close to you. You are doing your part for society.”


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