Financial interpretation of tomorrow’s investment must-see

1. WeChat status is not guaranteed! 5G news is coming
According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom have all begun large-scale deployment of 5G messaging, and 5G messaging is expected to become one of the first 5G applications seen by individual users. At present, standards such as the overall technical requirements for 5G messages, technical requirements for 5G message terminals, and 5G message terminal test methods have entered the approval stage.

Tan Ping: This year, A shares have speculated on a concept called RCS, which represents 5G news. 5G messaging integrates graphics, video, audio, and online payment, completely breaking the current traditional short message service. Some people think that 5G messaging may break the current monopoly of WeChat in instant messaging.

2. Bitcoin broke through $21,000 for the first time!
The Financial Associated Press reported on December 17 that Bitcoin has skyrocketed again, surpassing $21,000 for the first time, and the U.S. stock blockchain sector has also soared overnight. Bitcoin continues to hit new highs, and domestic digital currencies are also accelerating to land. Some institutions believe that the wave of digital currencies has already arrived.

Tan Ping: I just saw the news today. A post-90s generation borrowed money to speculate in coins and used futures contract leverage. After losing more than 20 million and unable to repay a huge debt, he killed his three-year-old daughter and committed suicide with his wife. Caused one death and one injury. Last year, Hui Yi, the founder of BitEasy, committed suicide after adding 100 times leverage to speculating on Bitcoin futures. Remind everyone, never use high leverage to make high-risk investments.

3. Extension of time limit to cope with the “dollar shortage”
According to the Financial Associated Press, on December 16 (Wednesday) local time, the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced that it will extend its temporary US dollar liquidity swap line and foreign and international monetary authority (FIMA) temporary repurchase agreements to 2021. September 30. These two tools are designed to ensure a stable supply of U.S. dollars on a global scale and to make the U.S. Treasury market run smoothly.

Tan Ping: According to Xueqiu’s interpretation, the U.S. dollar plays an important role in international trade and finance. Decompression of U.S. dollar liquidity is helpful to the supply of credit at home and abroad. Since the implementation of this tool, it has effectively eased The global “dollar shortage” problem under the epidemic.

4 That’s awesome! The scale of new funds broke 3 trillion for the first time!
As of the press release, the number of newly established funds reached 1,339 during the year, and the issuance scale has reached 3,014.195 billion yuan. This data exceeds the total number of funds established in 2017, 2018, and 2019. The scale is 2,994.598 billion yuan.

Tan Ping: This year is the big year of the fund. In addition to the newly-issued fund scale exceeding 3 trillion yuan, there are more than 10 funds that have doubled their income during the year. However, although the new fund is very large, there is no need for everyone to “love the new and dislike the old”, sell the funds that have risen well and buy some so-called new funds.

5 Another case of National Reform is coming
According to media reports, China Xugong Group will receive about 14.8 billion yuan in capital injection, and investors include the Singapore Government Investment Corporation. This is one of the largest transactions in state-owned enterprise mixed ownership reform. The mixed reform will enable XCMG to have a stronger foundation when competing with its expanding counterparts, Sany Heavy Industry and foreign giant Caterpillar.

Tan Ping: In the field of mechanical engineering, many Chinese companies have entered the ranks of the world’s top ranks, including XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry, and Zoomlion. This mixed reform has given XCMG even more wings, and has taken a step forward in building China’s Caterpillar.

6 .Number one in the world! my country’s photovoltaic installed capacity is growing rapidly
As reported by the Financial Associated Press on December 17, as the cost of kilowatt-hours continues to fall, photovoltaics are moving towards the homes of ordinary people. According to the latest data from the Energy Administration, a total of 10.1GW of new household photovoltaic installed capacity was added throughout the year. Earlier, the Energy Administration stated that it is expected to add about 35GW of new photovoltaic installed capacity across the country in 2020, maintaining the world’s number one position. Based on this calculation, the annual new residential photovoltaic installed capacity accounted for more than 28.5%.

Tan Ping: In the past ten years, the cost of photovoltaics has dropped by 88%. Due to the proper control of the epidemic in my country, the resumption of work and production leads the world, and it is not surprising that the installed capacity of photovoltaics is the largest in the world. With the end of this year’s installation subsidies, the market share of leading companies is expected to further increase in the next step.

7. The United States is in trouble! Vietnam and Switzerland react very differently…
According to Wall Street news, the U.S. Treasury Department listed Vietnam and Switzerland as currency manipulators. For the first time in history, it accused these two countries of improper intervention in the foreign exchange market, and asked them to negotiate with the U.S. and the International Monetary Fund to resolve this issue. .

Tan Ping: Both sides have responded. Vietnam is relatively awkward, saying that this is caused by the particularity of Vietnam’s economy, and that it will be more harmonious and fair in the future… Switzerland is more rigid and directly denies it, and said it will “intensify its efforts.”

8. 900 billion USD agreement reached! Are SMEs saved?
According to Wall Street reports, the leaders of the US Congress are close to reaching a $900 billion new crown virus rescue agreement. In terms of spending bills, Congress is expected to announce a comprehensive government spending bill of US$1.4 trillion to meet the government’s operational budget requirements for the 2021 fiscal year. The bill must be passed and signed this week to prevent the government from going into a shutdown on Saturday.

Tan Ping: According to reports, this time will include direct payment of a certain amount of cash to Americans, and increase the federal unemployment insurance, small businesses will also receive about 300 billion US dollars in assistance, including “Salary Protection Program” loans. According to Black Friday reports, due to the continued collapse of physical retail, the average rate of closure of small businesses across the United States is 29.8%.

9 The global economy is falling, but housing prices are rising? !
Viewpoint Real Estate News, on December 17, Zhou Dingguo, director of Midland Global Sales (International Real Estate), said that although the epidemic has spread globally, the global property market is still healthy. The Midland Global Index, which reflects property prices in 14 global first-tier cities, shows that in the third quarter, global property prices did not fall but rose. It is expected that property prices in these 14 cities will all rise throughout the year, ranging from 1% to 12%. %; It is expected that property prices in Shanghai and Shenzhen will rise 3% and 4% respectively, while Sydney is expected to rise the most, with an increase of 12%, and Brisbane is expected to rise by 10%. And Hong Kong’s annual property price increase is expected to be 1%.

Tan Ping: When housing prices rise, people use houses as safe-haven assets. The more the environment is not ideal, the more they must hold their houses. Of course, the overall increase is overall. The current epidemic is serious in Europe and the United States, and rural housing prices will rise, but the epidemic After getting better, it may be different.

10 Relax and settle down! Guangzhou is fine!
Guangzhou Daily reported on December 17 that the seven districts of Baiyun, Huangpu, Huadu, Panyu, Nansha, Conghua, and Zengcheng have relaxed their residential settlement policies, and they can enter households when they meet the conditions of a college degree. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued a notice on publicly soliciting opinions on the “Guangzhou City’s Measures for the Management of Differentiated Households and Out-of-city Migration.”

Tan Ping: Guangzhou is okay. As a first-tier city, it has actually relaxed the settlement policy in some areas. The thinking is very advanced and it is in line with the requirements of the mission plan. However, the other three are not expected to have any reaction, especially Northbound. After all, those two are the real “hukou” and the concepts are different.

11 Burst! Macron was “successful”!
According to CCTV News, on the morning of the 17th local time, according to an announcement issued by the French Presidential Palace Elysee, French President Macron learned that his new coronavirus nucleic acid test result was positive. The announcement stated that Macron was tested because of initial symptoms.

Tan Ping: After the leaders of the United Kingdom, Brazil, Honduras and other countries contracted the new crown, the French president was also recruited. On the 16th, the US Secretary of State Pompeo was quarantined after contacting the patient. It seems that overseas The protection is still not strong enough.

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