Who can take Tesla off the horse?

On November 2nd, the state released the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)”, a blueprint for a 15-year plan for “automobile power”!

On December 11, at the “Industry and Information Salon” organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, authoritative figures predicted that the sales of new energy vehicles this year will exceed 1.3 million.

One by one overweight policy favors and industry data far exceeding expectations have once again pushed new energy vehicles to the forefront! Tesla’s current market value is close to 4 trillion, which is almost equal to three Toyotas, and global capital is vying for new energy car companies.

In China, the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, who is eligible to challenge Tesla?

New energy vehicle battles

The country proposes to accelerate the development of new infrastructure, and new energy vehicle charging piles are one of the seven major areas. The National Development and Reform Commission also immediately voiced that it will complete an investment of 10 billion within this year, add about 200,000 public charging piles, and about 400,000 private ones. Piles, and 48,000 public charging stations.

Such a strong support has relieved consumers of a heart disease: no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of insufficient battery life!

The boom in new infrastructure has driven the rapid growth of new energy vehicle sales.


According to the latest data from the China Automobile Association, the sales of new energy vehicles nationwide continued to grow in November, with sales exceeding 200,000 units, an increase of 104.9% year-on-year, and sales reached a new monthly high; from January to November, sales of new energy vehicles reached 1.109 million units, year-on-year An increase of 3.9%.

In order to snatch the “fat” of new energy vehicles, various car-building forces are fighting intensified. Right now, the domestic new energy vehicle market has also fallen into a situation of chaos.

However, the current overlord of new energy vehicles is still Tesla. According to data from the Travel Association, in November, Tesla Model 3 sales exceeded 20,000 units, setting a milestone in the Chinese market; from January to November, the cumulative sales of Model 3 in China exceeded 110,000 units, which can be used as one of the best Dust to describe.

But Tesla is not sitting back and forth. On the one hand, Weilai, Xiaopeng, and the “Three Musketeers”, a new force in car-making, have developed rapidly, with sales reaching new highs. In November, Weilai delivered a total of 5,219 new cars, an increase of 109.3% year-on-year, marking a single monthly delivery for four consecutive months. The delivery volume of Xiaopeng Automobile reached 4,224 units, a new annual high; the ideal delivery of 4,646 new vehicles was a new high in a single month.

On the other hand, some powerful cross-border players are also aggressively deploying, such as Evergrande Motors.

Why Evergrande

Glass king Cao Dewang once said that new energy vehicles are played by capital tycoons, such as Xu Jiayin. Auto companies that rely on subsidies have to wait to die.

You know, Fuyao Glass, which Cao Dewang is at the helm, is the world’s largest automotive glass manufacturer. As a newcomer in the industry, why can Evergrande Motor be supported by Cao Dewang?

In my opinion, Evergrande’s determination to build a car is the key. You know, Evergrande has invested 45 billion yuan in three years-using its own real money to pay for the future. In the Chinese automobile industry, who has such determination and courage?

But money alone is not enough. How to convert capital investment into high-quality products is the key to success or failure.


Evergrande also has its own brand philosophy. New energy vehicles are the masters of high-end manufacturing and have extremely strict technical requirements. Therefore, through a series of international acquisitions and cooperation, Evergrande has the world’s top core technologies in key links such as advanced vehicle manufacturing, 3.0 chassis architecture, and powertrain, to quickly make up for the shortcomings of Evergrande automotive technology.

R&D investment is the fundamental to promote technological progress. In this regard, Evergrande is not stingy. Recently, the core team of Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute that has been unveiled exceeds 800 people. Among them are the former head of SK Group Battery Research Institute Li Junxiu and other top universities. Coffee; Evergrande Automotive Global Research Institute has a total of more than 3,200 scientific research personnel, and 11 professional research institutes under it, the scientific research strength is evident.


Of course, in addition to technology, product quality is also particularly critical. Only with excellent quality can we be invincible.

For this reason, Evergrande is looking for top partners in the world, including many global automotive engineering technology leaders, 15 world’s top styling design masters, and world auto parts leaders such as Bosch and Continental, all of which are “remarkable” in various fields of the automotive industry. Giants.

After a series of high-altitude and methodical layouts, Evergrande Motor’s results have begun to gradually appear. In August of this year, Evergrande Motor released six new cars at the same time. The Hengchi 1 that recently launched road running and exposed luxurious interiors all received high scores.

It also indicates that Evergrande is getting closer and closer to mass production. As a spoiler in cross-border car building, Evergrande Motors is clearly fully prepared to compete with Tesla.

The strongest duel is about to take place

In the author’s opinion, Hengda Automobile has more confidence to challenge Tesla than new car-building forces.

First of all, Evergrande has a profound meaning in the “platooning” of the product matrix. The 6 Hengchi released by Evergrande cover all levels from A to D and a full range of passenger car models. This means that Evergrande can not only launch an offensive against Tesla in the main battlefields such as SUVs and cars, but also seize market segments that Tesla cannot cover and rapidly expand market share.

At the same time, the quality of Hengchi is also a great tool to attract consumers. For example, the Hengchi 1 that started the road run is not only very eye-catching, but the interior is also full of technology. On the other hand, Tesla’s quality has always been controversial, including excessive plastic interiors and poor quality doors.


With good styling and good quality, if it fails to break through the bottleneck of production capacity, it is tantamount to “talking on paper.” Almost every car like Tesla has experienced “productivity hell”. On the other hand, Evergrande has obvious advantages in production capacity. It will build ten smart car production bases in the world, and plan to achieve a planned production capacity of 1 million vehicles per year in 2025 and 5 million vehicles per year by 2035.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Evergrande still has the advantage of “being in China’s home field”. At present, China’s new energy vehicle market has accounted for half of the world. It can be said that “the one who wins China has the world.” Moreover, according to the policy plan, domestic new energy vehicle sales will reach about 20% of total vehicle sales by 2025, and the market space is extremely broad.

Xu Jiayin revealed: “It is definitely not a dream for us to build Evergrande Automobile into the world’s largest and strongest new energy vehicle group by 2025.”

This time, dreams may come true. After all, Tesla’s estimated production in China in 2025 is 600,000, while Evergrande’s production capacity in 5 years will be 1 million.

By then, Evergrande Automobile is expected to surpass Tesla and win the industry’s leading position.

The dream is to have, what if it is realized?

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