Australia beg for mercy! A-share major news

Australia is scared, repairing relations with China

In November, China’s coal imports fell by 43.8% year-on-year, and this degree of decline has continued for several months. Since May, my country’s coal imports began to decline year-on-year, and the decline began to rise to more than 30% in August.

As Australian media speculated on the “China ban” on the 15th, the Australian stock market responded quickly. On the same day, the country’s main stock index S&P/ASX 200 closed down 0.4% to 6631.3 points, the lowest close in the past two weeks. The share prices of a number of listed coal companies fell. Australia’s New Hope Corp (New Hope Corp) closed down 2.7%, Yancoal Australia (Yancoal) fell 8.4%, and Whitehaven (Whitehaven) fell 5.8%.

In addition to the stock market, anxiety in the Australian coal industry was also aroused by related news, for fear of being hit. The head of the Australian Peak Mining Agency told the Sydney Morning Herald that Australia and China have a “firm, long-term and mutually beneficial” economic relationship, especially in minerals.

Feng Lei said that when Australian Prime Minister Morrison was interviewed by the media today, he was finally afraid. He said that China’s total ban on the import of Australian coal was speculation by the media. Now he is full of expectations for the dialogue between China and Australia. The Australian government will Supporting China’s vigorous economic development, unlike some countries deliberately containing China’s economic development, he also emphasized that all consultations with China are unconditional. Morrison pleased U.S. President Trump, but the old dog stepped down. Now he wants to repair relations with China. It may not be that simple.

The number of A-share IPOs and the amount of financing this year are expected to increase by 93% and 87% year-on-year

Deloitte released the latest report. By the end of 2020, 388 new shares in the A-share market had raised 464.5 billion yuan. In 2019, 201 companies listed and raised 249.1 billion yuan; compared with 2019, the number of new shares issued and the amount of financing increased by 93 % And 87%. Throughout 2020, NASDAQ ranked first in terms of IPO funds, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was second, the Shanghai Stock Exchange was third, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was fifth. Feng Lei said that why the A-shares went up and went up but stopped. The fundamental reason was that the trading volume was not large. So why doesn’t the volume increase? It is because the blood draw is too strong. This year, 200 billion stamp taxes were drawn, 464.5 billion new shares were drawn, these two are 660 billion, and the blood drawn for refinancing, the market has become a blood bank for the rich. As for the return of investors, No one cares

Haha, A shares, shameful…should give some people a pennant, what can’t you do, the first place in blood draw.

Rendong Holdings’ major shareholder smashed the Foshan department

Rendong Holdings announced that the controlling shareholder Rendong Tianjin is expected to reduce its holdings by 6% of the company’s shares, and passively reduce its holdings by 2% of the total through centralized bidding, and the reduction of block transactions will not exceed 4% of the total! At the same time, the company delayed the disclosure of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s letter of concern. Rendong Holdings dropped its limit today, with a turnover of 785 million throughout the day. Everbright Foshan Lvjing Road sold 27.26 million, and the business department bought 359 million the day before.

Feng Lei said that Foshan LVGEM entered the market for nearly 360 million, and it only sold 27.26 million yesterday. If it is directly delisted this time, Foshan’s tears will be drained. So comrades, don’t speculate on problem stocks and junk stocks. Even stock gods can also miss their hands. Of course, there are also rumors in the circle that Foshan may help Rendong Holdings. The losses and benefits are not calculated. However, the controlling shareholder suddenly fell into a black hand, and the despicable and sordid performance has been vividly performed.

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