Vegetable sellers in 2020: admiration, discrimination and elimination


To say that the past mobile payment and fresh food supermarkets have only brought a certain degree of discrimination and exclusion to vegetable sellers, then the community group buying that emerged at the end of 2020 has a tendency to replace and eliminate traditional vegetable sellers.

Internet giants such as Meituan, Pinduoduo, and Didi are vying for the first time. Prosperity and selection, Tongcheng Life, Food Sharing Club and other places are spreading all over the country. Starting from every building and every street, they distribute flyers, organize members, and pull Head.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 60 well-known group buying platforms nationwide. For a while, the grandfathers and aunts in the community are all overjoyed. Eggs of a dime and a catty, boxes of pork shreds for nine cents, and fruit for free, all platforms are endless.

Community group buying is obviously not only focusing on selling vegetables. In the future, daily necessities, clothing, home appliances, 3C, beauty, etc. will all be moved to the group buying platform, which means that various physical stores on the streets and alleys in the future may become the target of subversion. .

Group buying, which is running wild in the heat, has recently been reviewed by the People’s Daily. It mentioned that “don’t just worry about the flow of a few bundles of cabbage and a few kilograms of fruit. The stars and oceans of technological innovation and the infinite possibilities of the future are actually even more exciting.”

As soon as the comment came out, the rumors about the latest statements of major Internet companies on group buying were raging, and I don’t know the truth or not, and there is no need to dig into the details.

Attracting traffic through various subsidies regardless of cost has always been a normal operation method of Internet companies. In the past, shared bicycles, shared power banks, various taxi-hailing, online lesson software, etc. are all the same. However, the community group buying that has just taken off this time has been questioned by many parties. For example, customers often fail to receive the goods, or the quality of the dishes is obviously inconsistent with the promotion.

More importantly, it was condemned by many manufacturers. For example, Cangzhou Huahai Shunda Grain, Oil and Seasoning Company issued a notice prohibiting supply to the social shopping platform, which mentioned that individual products were far below the factory price, which harmed the interests of customers. Similarly, there are many well-known enterprises such as Luohe Weilong and Shanxi Zilin Vinegar.

If this momentum continues, will Internet companies that want to eliminate vegetable sellers first lose themselves?



It is undeniable that science and technology and Internet information technology have brought many conveniences to our lives, and there is no doubt about the promotion of society.

However, in many cases, we must always weigh and think about whether the so-called innovation is true innovation. If it’s just for flow, capital and influence, it will be impossible to avoid the chicken feathers afterwards.

Up to the famous family, down to the common people of Li people, seven things to open the door: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea.

The vegetable market is full of fireworks. Selling vegetables is more a livelihood.

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  1. Betty says:

    The person I admire most is grandma Chen Shuju, a vegetable vendor. She has been selling vegetables for more than 40 years. She makes money hard every day, but she has donated about 10 million yuan to help school children and the poor.

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