Why Baoneng was named


Regarding the progress of Baoneng’s investments in various places and the auto parts and components projects that it plans to invest in, as of press time, the National Development and Reform Commission has not announced the results of the investigation.

Amidst the tide of new energy vehicles, fish and dragons are mixed and muddy and muddy. This is considered by the industry to be one of the reasons for this investigation by the National Development and Reform Commission.

An industry insider close to the National Development and Reform Commission said in an interview with a reporter from China Business News that new energy vehicles have now entered a stage of rapid development and may soon surpass fuel vehicles in the future. At this time, the National Development and Reform Commission will conduct new energy vehicle industries in various regions. The bottom line survey is to hope that this industry can develop in a healthy and stable manner, and also to remind everyone to develop rationally, and investment is more impulsive now.

“In the past, the development of photovoltaic and wind power have experienced ups and downs.” The above-mentioned NDRC person familiar with the matter believes that the National Development and Reform Commission’s practice of finding out the national new energy automobile industry is very good, because any enterprise has problems, it is the whole society. In the end, the public is paying the bill.

The common feature of Evergrande and Baoneng named in the “Notice” is to build vehicles from the real estate industry to the field of new energy vehicles, and to launch new energy vehicle projects in many places across the country. The outside world is still unclear about the specific investigation content required by the National Development and Reform Commission in the “Notice”, but some analysts believe that its main purpose is to investigate whether companies have borrowed to invest in new energy vehicles.

In an interview with a reporter from China Business News, the manager of a Guangzhou manufacturing company with a certain scale of industrial land said that according to his understanding, in the past few years, some mainland governments have compared land granted to high-tech projects such as semiconductors and new energy vehicles in order to attract investment. Loose, and also give very considerable subsidies. Some companies can use this to mortgage financing after acquiring thousands of acres of land, but the actual investment in the local area is very limited. Therefore, some inland cities have successively appeared “zombie” companies, and some companies have also changed industrial land. Into commercial land.

The boss of the above-mentioned manufacturing company also mentioned that the overall supervision of Guangzhou City is relatively strict. The industrial land he bought 20 or 30 years ago was changed to commercial land to make up the difference, which was many times higher than that of industrial land. He was reluctant to invest. Changed to commercial land, but now it is difficult to do manufacturing and there is a plan to change industrial land to commercial land, but it is basically impossible to change it. If it is the transformation of the three olds, there are ways to handle it. If not, it must be handed over After the government purchases and reserves, it will bid for auction.

“There are very few industrial land used by high-tech enterprises, which can apply for a certain proportion of supporting commercial land to build employee dormitories, but most industrial land cannot be changed.” said the CEO of the aforementioned manufacturing company.

Regarding this investigation by the National Development and Reform Commission, another starting point is considered to be to prevent overcapacity. An insider of a car company who did not want to be named believes that this move is beyond the bottom line and also sends a signal to prevent the current overcapacity of new energy vehicles.

The “Notice” stated that the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”) issued by the General Office of the State Council this year clearly proposes to strengthen supervision during and after the event, consolidate the main responsibility of local governments, and curb blindly launching new energy vehicles. The chaos of energy vehicle manufacturing projects is also to strengthen investment supervision and promote the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry.

In the above plan, the proportion of new energy vehicle sales in the total sales of new vehicles has been reduced from the previously mentioned 25% to about 20%. In addition to the hard indicators in terms of weakening, the plan emphasizes the construction of key technologies and infrastructure.

Evergrande, Baoneng and other companies have launched hundreds of thousands or even millions of new energy projects in many places, so this is considered by the industry to be one of the reasons for being named. A comprehensive investigation will prevent overheating of investment in new energy vehicles.


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