Guangzhou base postponed production

If all went well, the Guangzhou Baoneng New Energy Automobile Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Baoneng”) in Huangpu District, Guangzhou should have already been completed and even started to produce cars. However, things backfired.

On December 1, 2020, a reporter from China Business News went to Guangzhou Baoneng to conduct an on-site investigation and found that the industrial park with a planned total investment of 30 billion yuan has been under construction since the foundation laying activity was held on December 26, 2017. Among them, the factory building only completed the construction of part of the steel frame, and the ground was overgrown with weeds.


The ups and downs of the domestic new energy auto market and the constant changes in the general environment have affected the investment plans and progress of many auto companies to a certain extent. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Investigation of the Production of New Energy Vehicles and Projects” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), requiring local development and reform commissions to report to the Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission before November 18. The investment situation has stirred up waves in the automobile circle.

In particular, Article 3 of the “Notice” requires all regions to provide information on the planning and investment promotion of pure electric vehicle projects in the region. It clearly requires all regions to report in detail the vehicles invested and planned by Hengda, Baoneng and other enterprises in the local area since 2017. Complete vehicle and component projects (including projects that have been approved and filed, and have not yet started construction), including land occupation, construction content, project progress, completed investment, etc.

Why Baoneng was named has attracted much attention.

Schedule delay

Guangzhou Baoneng is close to Zhenlongbei Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 14. One of the entrances of the industrial park is about tens of meters away from the subway entrance. It is a veritable subway superstructure.

On the left side of the gate of Baoneng New Energy Automobile Industrial Park, a rectangular stone foundation stands with 7 dark blue square characters made of iron sheet-Baoneng Intelligent Manufacturing Zone, and is equipped with Baoneng’s logo-B.

In the park, the green billboard that has been dilapidated after the wind and sun still has the blueprint drawn in the past: the new energy vehicle manufacturing base is planned to produce 1 million vehicles per year, and the first-phase production capacity is 500,000. The project occupies an area 1,500 acres and a construction area of ​​430,000 square meters. The project adopts the most advanced international process planning and equipment investment, including the entire process of stamping, welding, painting, final assembly and PACK. Guangzhou Baoneng’s vision is to create a ” A world-class green smart factory”.


According to the plan on the publicity plate: the project will start construction at the end of 2018, the infrastructure project will be completed at the end of 2019 and the installation of process equipment will begin, and the first vehicle will roll off the production line in the third quarter of 2020.

On Baoneng’s official website, the reporter found a piece of news related to Baoneng New Energy Automobile Industrial Park released in 2017: “It is expected that by the end of 2019, a new large-scale automobile industry base will emerge in eastern Guangzhou.” However, it is now approaching. At the end of 2020, the Guangzhou Baoneng plant has not yet been completed, and the process equipment is missing. It will take time before trial production and formal production.

“I entered this construction site two or three months ago. I don’t know when it will be completed. It will definitely not be completed this year.” A worker from Yunnan in the park said in an interview with a reporter from China Business News. Many workers mentioned that they do not know the date of completion.

Guangzhou Baoneng started in 2017. On April 25, 2017, Baoneng signed a major industrial project cooperation agreement with Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone, and decided to deploy the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area headquarters, new energy vehicles and innovative value park projects in the area.


On September 1, 2017, Guangzhou Baoneng Automobile Co., Ltd. was registered in Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City; on October 13, the company successfully acquired land for industrial projects located in the south of Guanghe Expressway and west of Jiulong Avenue. Since then, Baoneng began its dream of making cars in Guangzhou.

Baoneng’s official website shows that Baoneng’s manufacturing matrix includes Baoneng Automobile, CSG, Zhongju Hi-tech, and Shaoneng Group. In terms of automobiles, Baoneng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baoneng Automobile”) was established in March 2017 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. The company is trying to use new energy vehicles and smart vehicles as the core to create a comprehensive coverage of forward-looking technology research and development. High-end automotive manufacturing, core components (including power batteries, three-electric systems, powertrains, etc.), automotive sales, automotive travel, automotive finance and aftermarket services, and other “auto intelligent manufacturing” entire industry chain ecosystems, which cover the entire industrial chain SUVs, MPVs, BPVs and other whole vehicle models; in the commercial vehicle industry, the focus is on van logistics vehicles, light trucks and new energy buses.

According to Tianyan Check, Baoneng Automobile, established in 2017, has a registered capital of RMB 10 billion. The shareholders are Shenzhen Baoneng Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baoneng Group”) and Shenzhen Baoyuan Logistics Co., Ltd. Among them, the former investment accounted for 99%.

Yao Zhenhua, chairman of Baoneng Group, previously stated that Baoneng’s development strategy is to firmly develop the new energy vehicle business and optimize and upgrade the fuel vehicle business. It will take 10-15 years to build Baoneng’s vehicle into a highly competitive and international market. Influential automobile group. In order to deploy in the automotive field, Baoneng strategically invested in Qoros Automotive in 2017. Qoros Automobile was established in 2007 as a joint venture between Chery Automobile and Kenon Holdings, a subsidiary of the Israel Group.

In terms of vehicle manufacturing, Baoneng currently has seven bases, including Jiangsu Changshu Qoros Manufacturing Base, Shenzhen Baoneng Automobile Manufacturing Base (formerly Changan PSA Manufacturing Base), and production in key regions such as Xi’an, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Kunming, and Kunshan base.

A reporter from China Business News learned from many sources that it usually takes more than 15 months for a new energy plant to start from ground to production, which is close to the establishment time of the Guangzhou Baoneng project. The Guangxin Intelligent Chemical Plant and Xiaopeng Zhaoqing Plant, both of which belong to the South China Department, have been completed. Completed and put into production.

On April 27, 2017, GAC Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as “industrial park”), located at the junction of Shilou Town and Hualong Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, officially started construction. The overall planning area of ​​the industrial park is about 7,500 mu. The total investment of the companies settled by GAC Group and the industrial park is expected to exceed 45 billion yuan. Guangxin Intelligent Chemical Plant is the first project of the industrial park, with an investment of 4.7 billion yuan, the first phase of production capacity is 200,000 vehicles/year, and the total planning is 400,000 vehicles/year. More than 80% of the main construction of the plant was completed in December 2018 , And put into production in 2019.

Xiaopeng Automobile’s Zhaoqing factory made its first public appearance on June 9 this year. Xiaopeng Automobile’s CEO He Xiaopeng introduced the whole process of Xiaopeng P7 from stamping and welding to final assembly inspection through a live broadcast at the factory. Xiaopeng Motors Zhaoqing Project signed a contract with Zhaoqing City to settle in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone on April 28, 2017. The overall plan is 3000 mu, the first phase covers an area of ​​903 mu, the production capacity is 100,000-150,000 vehicles, and the built-up area is 227,000 square meters.

The plant started construction on June 27, 2018, and by September 30, 2019, the main plant of the plant was completed. The equipment was fully introduced and put into trial production. It lasted 15 months, which was more than 3 times shorter than the industry average construction period. month.

In contrast, Guangzhou Baoneng advances relatively slowly.

It is worth noting that Guangzhou Baoneng is not only the progress of the project is significantly slower than expected, but also the production capacity may change.

Next to the green billboard in the Guangzhou Baoneng Park, another huge white billboard shows that Guangzhou Baoneng has updated the planned production capacity figures, the planned production capacity has become 600,000 vehicles, and the first-phase production capacity is 300,000 vehicles. Among them, the two numbers “60” and “30” were written on two squares of white paper and then pasted.

Comparing the data of the green and white billboards, we can find that the planned production capacity and the first-phase production capacity have different numbers on the two brands, but the CBN reporter cannot confirm whether these numbers and changes are official adjustments of Baoneng or the park. Private “smearing” of individual personnel within.

After the reporter conducted an on-site investigation in the Guangzhou Baoneng Park for about an hour, a staff member in work clothes ran over on an electric bicycle and asked the reporter to leave immediately.


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