Alert! This kind of scam focuses on our parents

Recently, the Haidian District People’s Court of Beijing conducted a public trial of a fraud case for collections. In this case, the defendant specifically sought out middle-aged and elderly collectors as targets, and focused on some old objects and collections in their homes, claiming to be able to sell the collections at sky-high prices, and at the same time, they could also come up with contracts and qualifications, making it difficult for people to be true or false. Distinguish.

Said to sell collections at sky-high prices, specifically to lure middle-aged and elderly people


Victim Mr. Cheng: On March 29, 2019, a salesman called me. He said that their company was selling collections and asked me if I had any collections of old objects like stamps and food stamps. I bought a Shanghai World Expo stamp album before, and it’s been around for ten years.
Mr. Cheng happened to be planning to sell the stamp album, so he further consulted the salesman.

Victim Mr. Cheng: At that time, he said that you can bring it for us to look at and identify it. After an appointment was made, I took a stamp book and went to their company.

The company’s “packaging” is very luxurious

This company is located on the top floor of an office building with luxurious decoration and many collections on display. These details make Mr. Cheng feel that the company is very formal. Next, there will be someone responsible for receiving Mr. Cheng and appraising his stamp album.

Victim Mr. Cheng: The manager surnamed Zhao said that our appraisal may be worth more than 1 million.
Hearing this, Mr. Cheng was a little skeptical. He thought his stamp album was not worth so much money.

Victim Mr. Cheng: It was a bit outrageous, and I didn’t care at the time. Then he asked a photographer to take photos of the entire stamp album, and then he said that the photos could be exhibited on a tour or online.

Call to inform that there are buyers in the photo and the bid is very high

A few days later, he thought the matter was over, but unexpectedly, he received a call from the salesman again. The salesman told him that someone had taken a fancy to his stamp, and the bid was very high!

Want to trade? Pre-qualification


The clerk told him that Mr. Cheng could apply for a transaction qualification certificate in advance, because this certificate must be processed for both parties to trade.Victim Mr. Cheng: Since the country has come all the way and the country has such a rule, let’s do one. After 5,000 yuan was taken away, he said you just wait for the news.
After more than half a month, Mr. Cheng, who had not waited for any news, found that the salesman and the manager couldn’t get through the phone. So, he rushed to the company again and found that the company had been closed, with a notice from the police station posted on the door.

Coincidentally, the other victim had a similar experience

Coincidentally, another victim, Ms. Liu, who lives in Beijing, also received a call from a salesperson. The eight fuel tickets originally issued in Beijing that she kept were valued at hundreds of thousands. She and Mr. Cheng had similar experiences, they were both defrauded of 5000 yuan.

After the salesman invited Ms. Liu to the company, the so-called manager and appraiser evaluated her fuel tickets, each of which was worth 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Immediately afterwards, the other party offered to participate in the tour or online display, but both were rejected by Ms Liu. When she got home, the salesman continued to keep in touch with her, and often asked her about her, and told her that she had been looking for a buyer for her fuel ticket.

Soon, the salesman of the auction company informed Ms. Liu that the buyer had been found. However, 5,000 yuan of operating expenses are needed to facilitate the transaction, and it is guaranteed that the 5,000 yuan can be returned to her afterwards.

As a result, Ms. Liu did not wait for the news after returning home, and the salesperson could not contact her, and realized she had been cheated. In May 2019, the police arrested 30 suspects from the company involved.

The prosecutors allege that between May 2018 and May 2019, the defendant Wang Xinyu set up a number of auction companies and, together with 22 defendants including Guo Liqiang and Shan Rongqing, defrauded more than 170 victims totaling more than 4.26 million yuan. Among them, most of the victims are elderly people over 75 years old.

The prosecution believes that the defendant Wang Xinyu and other 23 people should be held criminally responsible for fraud. Four of the main defendants were recommended to be sentenced to more than ten years in prison and fined. The court will set a date for a verdict on this case.

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