The Ant incident is another “explosion”!


When are people the most uncomfortable?
It’s that one thing  your  almost got it, but it gets lost.
Almost got it. For example, if you buy a lottery ticket and the winning number is 99999, and you happen to be 99998, you are just one number short of it. Would you be so angry that you would see gold stars?
Gains and losses, for example, if you trade in stocks, 1 million to 10 million, and then fall back to 1 million. Although 1 million is still the same one million, it can’t go back to yesterday.
From this perspective, it is estimated that two people are quite depressed recently. Their lives have almost met with the super highlight again.

Yes, just a little bit, the cooked duck flies.
A little bit is a heavy mountain, and looking back, it’s like a lifetime!

Recently, Ant Group has exploded again.
A few days ago, everyone had heard that cheers of “freedom of wealth” broke out in the Ant’s building. However, in just a few days, the Ant Group “Ding Workers” with equity incentives can be said to have experienced sitting Ups and downs like a roller car.
Look, as Jack Ma’s Ant Financial was shut down by supervision, a large number of Ant employees unsubscribed from luxury cars and mansions yesterday:

The Hangzhou property market is also following the ups and downs, and even some netizens report that the property prices in Hangzhou have dropped drastically overnight. . .
I feel that this high probability should be a joke, so why is this! Even if it drops, at most the housing prices in the area of ​​Ant’s Hangzhou headquarters will drop.
There are really many similar jokes online.

After reading the post, I felt heartache for the ant brothers for a minute.
You know, according to the initial agreement, Ant Financial was originally scheduled to be officially listed on November 5; the employee reward system has been set; 16,000 employees will receive more than 8 million rewards per capita. It is equivalent to a large house of more than 280 square meters in Hangzhou.
Now, the big house of more than 280 square meters that had been acquired, suddenly disappeared, and it is also painful to think of it.
Of course, in fact, the ducks of the employees of Ant Group did not fly away. It was just a day of enjoying the feast, and it was likely to be pushed back.
Their plans for luxury homes and cars may have to be delayed for at least half a year.


In fact, it is not the Ant employees who have suffered, or the dozens of strategic leaders behind ants that have recently been rumored.
The list compiled by Caixin has recently been exposed. .

According to  the shareholder structure of Ant Group. This group of talents is the biggest beneficiary of Ant after listing. Some shareholders earn hundreds of millions and some earn tens of billions, including star Zhao Wei, who is also on this list.
However, the postponement of the listing this time, even if it makes a comeback half a year later, Ant IPO scale, valuation, and pricing may be readjusted.
You should know that in order to fundamentally eliminate the “hidden leverage risk of online loan companies”, the [Interim Measures for the Management of Online Microfinance Business] has now formally solicited opinions from the whole society.
The method clearly stipulates that the balance of online small loans through non-standardized financing such as banks shall not exceed 1 times the net assets. The balance of standardized financing through bond issuance and asset securitization (ABS) shall not exceed 4 times the net assets.
According to the implementation of this rule, if Ant Financial has 100 billion, then the scale of loan financing cannot be more than doubled, which is 200 billion;
Even if the issuance of bonds or asset securitization (ABS) is the loan model that Ants and the bank had done before (the United Bank lending model mentioned earlier in the article), it cannot exceed four times that is 500 billion.
This undoubtedly draws a high-tension business line for the ants and puts a risky curse on them. From then on, they will enjoy bank-level regulatory treatment in the future, no barbaric growth, the market’s expectations of their future profits will naturally come to light.
What’s more, the market has always valued Ant based on technology companies, but after this controversy, the market will inevitably have doubts: Is Ant an Internet company or a financial company?
If pricing is based on financial companies, then Ant’s valuation may not be more than 90 times the current value. You must know that leading retail banks such as China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, and Industrial Bank have valuations that are just over 10 times higher. Ant is obvious. Too high.
After this “Davis Double Kill”, I estimate that when it is actually listed, Ant’s valuation will probably be a discount or more than the current valuation.
Although the duck in my hand didn’t fly away, there was only half of it left. It didn’t feel good, did it?


Things must be reversed. This is a cycle and a reincarnation.
This is the law of nature and one of Ren Zhengfei’s favorite theory: the principle of entrainment. Even Schrödinger, the great god of quantum mechanics, said something similar: “People live against the law of entropy increase, and life depends on negative entropy.”
How to combat the increase in moisture content?
The Chinese “Book of Changes” has two hexagrams, which are a good answer to this point.
The first hexagram is Qian’s hexagram: the sky is healthy, and the gentleman strives for self-improvement.
What do you mean?
After all, it means that people must always be diligent and humble. After all, there is no permanent strong, no permanent weak. Everyone has the opportunity to become rich, and everyone can always go downhill. The key to maintaining profitability lies in working hard all day long.
The second hexagram is Kun hexagram: the terrain is Kun, and the gentleman carries things with virtue.
This means that there is no personal success, only the success of the times. Time comes and the world is the same, and it is not free to transport heroes. Therefore, if you succeed, you must learn to share and give back to society.
So, how do fintech companies give back to whom?
In fact, the collective voice of the financial supervisory authority yesterday has already made it clear: Funds must go to the real economy, don’t play the “money makes money” game!
In terms of financial technology, on the one hand, it supports the financial industry to make reasonable innovations under the premise of controllable risks. At the same time, it insists that innovation is to serve and contribute to the real economy.
Indeed, there is no reason for love and hate in the world. All the results are the reincarnation of cause and effect, and the heaven is in balance.
Looking back, China is a truly fair society, because there is always an invisible hand maintaining social fairness.

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