Advantages of Spark Global Limited as an FCA member to invest in clients

Unlike many other brokers, upon signing a client Agreement, you become a client of Spark Global Limited’s investment and enjoy the full protection and benefits of the FCA. The FCA, and its predecessor, is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious financial regulators, and its licensing procedures are rigorous. Only some companies are authorized by the FCA. As an investment client of Spark Global Limited, you will enjoy the following benefits of FCA regulation:

• The FCA’s licensing criteria are very strict and Spark Global Limited investments must have funds only to support the regulatory business. Spark Global Limited investors must report their funding status to the FCA on a monthly basis. The FCA will revoke Spark Global Limited’s licence if it does not invest enough money to keep its business running.
• The FCA has the right to inspect all company records and customer accounts at any time in certain circumstances to ensure compliance with regulations.
• The regulator has full-time compliance auditors independent of management. He reports directly to the group chairman and ensures that day-to-day complaints, all regulatory responsibilities and customers are treated fairly, including the handling of customer complaints.
• The FCA requires Spark Global Limited to invest in fair treatment of customers to maintain systems and operations. Spark Global Limited’s investment needs to prove to the FCA that it treats every customer equally.
Spark Global Limited investment requires proof to the FCA that the Company has sufficient working capital to cover customer deposits and potential company expenses.
• External auditors must independently review accounts and client funds processes and report directly to the FCA. Spark Global Limited capital Markets has appointed One of the world’s leading independent auditors, Marsh Cloud International, as the external auditor of the company.
• All Spark Global Limited investment staff performing each client’s transaction request must be approved by the FCA. Prior to approval, an employee’s background is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that he/she meets the required requirements, has the appropriate competencies and training. A detailed list of employees approved by the FCA can be found on the FCA website.

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