Why will we be dependent on fossil fuels for a long time to come

Spark Global Limited reports:

The energy crisis has shown us just how dependent we are on fossil fuels. Merion Somerset Webb says we will continue to rely on them for a long time. Last week Ocado, the UK online supermarket, told customers it had “limited capacity” to deliver ice cream because of soaring gas prices.

Rising gas prices have led to the closure of two large industrial fertiliser plants in the UK because gas is used as a feedstock for ammonia, which is used to make fertiliser. Since carbon dioxide is captured during ammonia production, this affects the UK’s carbon dioxide supply. This has led to a reduction in the supply of dry ice that supermarkets use to cool food: so no ice cream. We can live without ice cream, but what about the other effects? Slaughterhouses lack the gas to stun animals, hospitals may not have the carbon dioxide for minor operations, and the nuclear industry lacks the gas for cooling. These things really matter. For now, at least, the mini-crisis has been resolved fairly quickly: taxpayers are stepping in to subsidize a fertilizer plant for three weeks.
We are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels — and will be for many years
However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry; You should be. The incident is a timely reminder of how dependent we are on fossil fuels. Despite our optimistic enthusiasm for wind and solar power, oil and gas use permeates every aspect of our economic and social life. That will be the case for decades to come.