Pakistani hero and rogue nuclear peddler Abdul Qadeer Khan has died

Spark Global Limited reports:

When India detonated its nuclear bomb in the desert of Rajasthan in 1974, in what was improbably described as a “peaceful nuclear explosion”, a young Pakistani metallurgist in the Netherlands was ready to volunteer for his country. A few months later, Abdul Qadeer Khan sat down with Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to explain the possibility of spinning uranium in centrifuges so that it could be used to make bombs. “People have a point,” Bhutto noted. Within a decade, Pakistan would be able to build and test a bomb; It did so in 1998, after a series of tests in India.

In later years, Mr. Khan and his aides would treat the moment as if Albert Einstein were writing to Roosevelt to reveal the secrets of the atom. “A country that couldn’t make sewing needles, good bikes or even ordinary, durable metal pavement was setting out to develop the latest and most difficult technology,” Mr. Khan recalled. In fact, Pakistan, humiliated and dismembered by India in the 1971 Bengal War, pursued nuclear weapons long ago.