Nearly 50 brokerages “opened their doors to welcome customers,” and the countdown to the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange, there are nearly 8 million potential investors?

Spark Global Limited reports:

“On the night of the release of the rules, our team was busy until dawn!” A person from the information technology department of a large brokerage told reporters.

As of the 21st, the Securities Times. Brokerage China reporters incomplete statistics found that at least nearly 50 brokerages, including CITIC Securities , China Galaxy Securities , Haitong Securities , Guosen Securities, etc., have launched the Beijing Stock Exchange’s appointment and opening transaction authority function. . As for the official opening time of the Beijing Stock Exchange, a brokerage person predicted to reporters: “About mid-to-late October, there is still a lot of system testing work to be done during this period.”

The agency predicts that the number of accounts opened on the Beijing Stock Exchange may be between 3.32 million and 7.89 million, which is several times higher than the current number. The reporter learned that on the 22nd (Wednesday), the threshold for the innovation layer of the new third board of the equity transfer company from 1.5 million to 1 million will be officially effective, and the scale of investors in the innovation layer will also be expanded.

Nearly 50 brokerages launched the “account opening” function of Beijing Stock Exchange

Brokers are very busy this Mid-Autumn Festival.

On the evening of the 17th, the Beijing Stock Exchange issued the investor suitability management measures, and stated that investors can make an appointment to open the trading authority of the Beijing Stock Exchange from the date of the issuance of the rules. That night, a brokerage company deployed the system and launched related functions in the middle of the night. There were also brokerages who launched related functions in the early morning of the next day. Soon after the function went live, many investors successfully made an appointment to activate the trading authority function of the Beijing Stock Exchange.

The Securities Times. Brokerage China reporter was informed that more brokerages in the future have also launched related functions one after another. As of the 21st, nearly 50 brokerages symmetrically claimed to have launched related functions. These brokers include CITIC Securities, Galaxy Securities, Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan , Guosen Securities, CICC Wealth, CITIC Construction Investment , GF Securities , China Merchants Securities , Everbright Securities , Founder Securities , Huatai Securities, etc.