This type of fund is on fire! The income of 23 pension funds has exceeded 50% over the past three years. Are they necessary for pension?

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If three years ago, everyone was dubious about this kind of fund, then three years later, this kind of fund has handed in a satisfactory answer.

On September 13, 2018, the first domestic pension target fund was established, marking the birth of a new type of publicly funded pension FOF. Today, the pension FOF fund has reached its third anniversary.

According to data from Dongcai, as of September 8, 125 pension FOF funds (different shares are calculated separately) have all achieved positive returns since their establishment.

Excluding funds less than 6 months old, among 114 comparable funds, 76 have a return of more than 20% since their establishment, accounting for 67%; 50 have a return of more than 30%, accounting for 44%, with a return rate exceeding There are 23 50% funds, accounting for 20%.

This good report card has also attracted more and more Christians to come in.

From the perspective of fund size, the total size of 110 pension FOF funds that disclosed interim reports at the end of the second quarter was 76.371 billion yuan, while the newly established undisclosed interim 20 funds issued a total of 6.306 billion yuan. The overall size of pension FOF funds exceeded 80 billion.

From the perspective of investors, individual investors are currently the main force in purchasing pension FOF funds. As of the end of the second quarter, the data of 110 funds disclosed in the interim report showed that 92 individual investors accounted for more than half, accounting for more than 80%; 39 funds held more than 90% of individual investors; 7 individuals The ratio even reaches 100%.

There are 6 pension FOF funds with more than 100,000 holders, namely:

It can be seen that in the past three years, everyone has recognized this type of pension FOF fund.

What is a pension FOF fund?

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Pension FOF fund is an innovative public fund that aims to pursue long-term and stable appreciation of pension assets, encourage investors to hold for a long time, adopt mature asset allocation strategies, and reasonably control the risk of investment portfolio fluctuations.

It can be divided into two categories:

1. Target date fund: Regarding the investor’s retirement date as the target, the investment allocation is adjusted according to the risk tolerance of different life stages. For example, if you are retiring in 2035, you can choose the pension FOF fund with 2035 in the fund name. This type of fund makes investment allocation according to the risk tolerance at different stages of life. The closer to the retirement time, the less high-risk assets such as stocks will be allocated, and the more low-risk assets such as debt will be allocated. The investment style gradually changes from aggressive at the beginning, to prudent, and finally to conservative. It is more suitable for novice investors or investors who have no time to care about account asset management.

2. Target risk fund: Named after the risk level, such as balanced, stable, active, etc. Investors can choose funds based on their own risk preferences. During the holding period, the risk of the fund remains basically unchanged. It is suitable for veteran drivers who can clarify their risk appetite.

Wind data shows that as of September 10, a total of 73 funds were issued on the target date, and a total of 83 target risk funds were issued. Pension FOF funds are sold on general fund sales platforms, and everyone can choose the best according to their own circumstances.

The last thing to say is that the pension FOF fund has a certain lock-up period. Take China Pension 2040 (FOF) as an example. The lock-up period after purchase confirmation is 3 years, during which no selling is allowed, and liquidity is subject to certain restrictions.

If you want to withdraw, you can only wait for the asset to be held for 3 years, and then withdraw after it expires. Some fund sales platforms have the function of making an appointment to withdraw, just follow the procedure.

But for investment for the purpose of pension, it is not a bad thing to set a certain liquidity limit. As the so-called special fund is dedicated, monthly fixed investment is fixed, and it is not a dream to prepare millions of pensions for the future!

Well, this issue of 3-minute financial management is here. I hope today’s content can help you who are confused about providing for the elderly.