Automobile revolution will give birth to great enterprises

Today people are used to wheels. Children’s buggies, cars for travelling, bicycles for the elderly and wheelchairs for the disabled are all inseparable from one of the most basic elements: wheels. The birth of the wheel is so long that we don’t even know who invented it, but it is like a catalyst to promote the continuous development of human civilization, making the development of automobile like a rolling torrent.
When traveling around the country, the author not only looks at the scenery, but also pays attention to the earliest use of wheels by ancestors. A relatively accepted view is that the wheel was first invented in the Lianghe River Basin. The wheel for transportation was born in about 3200 BC. It was mainly used as a chariot for war or competition in Mesopotamia. The wheel is regarded as the oldest and most important invention of mankind, and scientists often compare it with the use of fire. Human beings have tamed fire for more than 1.5 million years, but only 6000 years have been spent using wheels. Before the invention of the wheel, the ancients used sleds to carry heavy objects. The simplest sled is a slope, and the more complicated one is a few rollers under the weight. This is how the ancient Egyptians piled huge stones into pyramids. Although the ancient Egyptians should have been inspired by the roller to invent the wheel, the ancient Egyptians were not the ancient Egyptians, but the ancient Babylonians. The greatest function of the wheel is that it enables people to move objects much more than their own weight, so the most common use of wheels is transportation. This is a very important enlightenment that human beings can use tools to achieve purposes far beyond their abilities.
In particular, the use of electric wheelchairs for children with disabilities has increased the range of children’s wheelchairs by a factor of 100 kilometers. And how to use this wheel well, human has never stopped to study. There are many ways to make the wheels turn. For example, the water wheel driven by water, the wagon driven by cattle, the windmill driven by wind, and the steam engine in the industrial revolution have driven trains, textile machinery, ships and fuel driven cars. Today, the automobile industry, once the pioneer of invention, is once again the target of new energy, and the vehicles driven by electricity also have an impact on people’s travel mode like their predecessors. In November this year, the general office of the State Council issued the new energy vehicle industry development plan (2021-2035), which requires in-depth implementation of the national strategy for the development of new energy vehicles, promote the high-quality and sustainable development of China’s new energy automobile industry, and accelerate the construction of an automobile power. See, the development of new energy vehicles has become a national strategy. The automobile was not invented by Chinese people, but now the largest automobile industry in the world is China, and the world’s largest automobile consumer market is also China. How to transform from traditional vehicles to new energy vehicles, China has a bright future. It is also possible for China to become a global leading country in the manufacture and consumption of new energy vehicles.
Looking back on history, the changes of transportation energy and power system not only greatly affect the development of human life, but also affect the world power. In the 1860s, with the birth of steam engine technology as the main symbol, it was coal and steam engine that greatly improved the productivity of human society, created the industrial economy and industrial civilization of human beings, and thus triggered the industrial revolution in Europe, making European countries become the world economic powers at that time. In the 1870s, oil and internal combustion engines replaced coal and steam engines, transforming the world economic structure from light industry to heavy industry, and the United States became a world power. At the same time, it brought human beings into the economic system and material prosperity based on oil. Now the third reform is in front of us. Oil and internal combustion engine have become alternative targets. The era of clean energy has become a visible reality. The author predicts that the third transformation of transportation energy and power system will change Asia and make Asia replace the United States as the engine of world economy.
On November 26, good news came that SAIC’s high-end brand l project finally appeared and officially named “Zhiji automobile”, with the goal of creating a cross-border intelligent electric new species driven by data. In order to speed up the building of independent high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle brand, SAIC Group plans to establish Shanghai Yuanjie intelligent technology equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership) with Zhang Jiang Gaoke and Hengxu capital, with a total amount of 7.2 billion yuan, including 5.399 billion yuan, 1.8 billion yuan and 01 million yuan respectively. The fund plans to make a special investment with Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (including its designated subordinate investors) in the high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle project (tentatively named “Zhiji automobile”). This is China’s largest automobile manufacturing group stepping into the new energy vehicle industry. In January next year, the first model of Zhiji will be released in Shanghai, London and ces in North America. The speed is amazing, the new forces of China’s car making really appear in front of the world with the appearance of the third reform. Among the new automobile forces, Tesla, Weilai, ideality and Xiaopeng have reached the peak of market value. New forces in traditional automobile enterprises are taking shape: Dongfeng has lantu, BAIC has arcfox, Chang’an has CHN platform cooperating with Huawei and Ningde times. The drive engine is being replaced by electric motors and fuel is being replaced by power batteries. In the past, the seats in the car will also become intelligent cockpit.
There is also the core of enterprise research driven. China’s hub motor technology creatively

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    The automobile revolution has come, not timely transformation will risk being overthrown, many enterprise tragedies tell us, miss the critical period of strategic transformation will be too late.

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