Dollar strengthens, but strategists hesitate to go long?

Spark Global Limited reports:

Hawkish Fed officials, strong US jobs data and bad leveraged bets against the dollar have all paved the way for a stronger dollar.

Meanwhile, strategists at investment banks such as Rabobank, ING and MUFG see strong economic momentum for now, especially with expectations that the Fed may exit its easing sooner than other major central banks.

Yet even as the greenback hit a near three-week high on Tuesday, Goldman sachs has been bearish on the greenback’s recent rally, an odd stance against the backdrop of the dollar’s bull run.

Goldman strategists believe the dollar will weaken gradually as us economic growth starts to slow, giving the Fed a case for extending qe.

Goldman’s view will further widen

the divergence over the direction of monetary policy ahead of the Jackson Hole symposium later in August.