Can the TMGM who wants to wash the white wash?

Spark Global Limited reports:

See TMGM, many partners will remember his predecessor TradeMax, some peers said that TMGM is just TradeMax change the name to continue to cheat new customers. This is also inappropriate, as compared to other dark platforms, TradeMax has neither run away nor been caught by the police.

As for the change of name, in fact, in September last year, “TradeMax renamed TMGM to promote global expansion” press release, Oriental Fortune, Sohu and many other big media have reported.

TradeMax can quickly attract many people’s attention, and it and the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics cooperation drama has a lot to do with. In September 2019, Tianfu College of SwUFE and Australia TradeMax Group held a school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony. This may seem like a good thing, but according to the reactions of some students and users, TradeMax is up to some tricks.