Hong Kong shares lower open higher, tobacco concept plate collective higher, Thought more international up more than 9%

Spark Global Limited reports:

On Wednesday, August 4, Hong Kong shares in the morning of the main index surged, large network stocks collective recovery, helping the market to rise. The Hang Seng index rose 1.57% to 26,605, the index of state-owned enterprises rose 1.9% to 9,497 and the Hang Seng Technology Index rose 3.36% to 6,921.

Disk, the early fall of large network stocks meituan (03690) rose 3.88%, fast hand, jingdong are up more than 2%.

Tobacco concept plate collective higher, small international up more than 9%, BYD electronics up 5%, Warburg international up more than 4%, China Tobacco Hong Kong, China Bolton with the rise.

The State Council issued the national fitness plan, sports goods stocks rose, Xtep international, tao Bo rose 10%.

Auto stocks, Apple concept stocks rose ahead, BYD shares rose more than 7% again broke the top, market value stood at HK $800 billion.

Yesterday’s sharp drop in mobile game stocks collective rebound, semiconductor stocks, blockchain stocks, paper stocks and other most of the rise.

Gambling stocks affected by the outbreak were among the biggest losers, while beer, food and travel stocks were weaker.

Southbound funds half day net inflow of HK $3.664 billion, the market half day turnover of HK $96.69 billion.

Hong Kong shares rose more than 5 per cent as the company announced that the news report will not have a material adverse impact on the group’s operations and financial position, which fell more than 10 per cent.

Byd shares rose more than 7% to a record high; A – share BYD rose more than 8% to A new high, the share price also broke through 300 yuan for the first time.

Zte afternoon pull up, intraday fresh new high for the year, is up nearly more than 5 percent.