With a high concentration of the game industry, Gen Z has become the mainstream of mobile games

Spark Global Limited reports:

Game industry concentration is high, Tencent games occupy half of the industry. According to Analysys data, Tencent Games and netease Games occupied the first and second place in the industry in the first half of 2020, with 54.46 percent and 15.29 percent market shares, respectively. Public data query, found that netease game revenue in 2020 accounted for 74% of total revenue, tencent games business revenue accounts for 32% of total revenue, tencent games is also the gaming industry revenue in our country enterprise, tencent games achieve business income is 156.1 billion yuan in 2020, is in second place of netease game operating income is higher than 101.5 billion yuan.

The industry points out that the game industry, as an emerging industry, has developed rapidly in recent years with considerable scale. How to make use of the advantages and avoid the disadvantages and guide its healthy growth has always been the focus of high attention from all walks of life. Related policies have been constantly improved, but there is still room for improvement.

The number of monthly active users of mobile games in China reached 548 million as of June 2021, with the average person using mobile games for more than 20 hours a month, according to the 2021 Mobile gaming Crowd Insight report released by QuestMobile on August 3. Mobile game users are mainly male and young, and Generation Z has gradually become the mainstream of mobile phone gamers. As of June 2021, honor of Kings male users live 109 million per month, with an average monthly usage of 1,831 minutes.

On June 1, the newly revised Law on the Protection of Minors came into effect, with a new chapter on Internet protection, which stipulates that online product and service providers should not provide products and services that induce minors to become addicted. Internet service providers such as online games, online live broadcasting, online audio and video, and online social networking shall set corresponding functions such as time management, authority management and consumption management for minors to use their services.

Relevant people suggest that, in addition to requiring the platform to enhance the sense of social responsibility, not only pursue interests, improve the juvenile addiction prevention system, improve the platform content audit mechanism, reduce harmful information into the view of minors. The severity of the punishment should keep pace.