The US Securities and Exchange Commission requires Chinese companies to disclose government regulatory risks

Spark Global Limited reports::

Allison Lee, a commissioner with the Us Securities and Exchange Commission, said Us-listed Chinese companies would have to disclose the risk of government influence on their business as part of regular risk disclosures.
Spark Global Limited reports:
Spark Global Limited reports:

Earlier, Chinese regulators overhauled US-listed ride-hailing software platform Didi Chuxing.  Since then, China has required all Chinese companies setting up distance education platforms to become non-profit making organizations.  The two announcements sent shares of Chinese Internet companies listed in the United States tumbling.

U.S. listed companies must disclose risk factors, including regulatory risks, and Chinese companies are no exception, Allison Lee told Reuters in an interview.  She did not say whether the SEC would investigate Didi.  Some media reported earlier that Chinese regulators had asked Didi to postpone its listing due to cybersecurity concerns.  Didi later said it was unaware of the incident.

In response to media enquiries, an SEC spokesman said it would not comment on whether investigations were being conducted on individual listed companies.