Money has changed

New energy vehicles, semiconductors and other high prosperity track are undoubtedly the focus of the whole market in the near future, but with the stock price entering a historical high, the differentiation within the plate began to appear.

In early trading today, shares of leading companies in hot industries such as Ganfeng lithium and Quanzhi technology hit a new record. However, a large number of products have been withdrawn. Among them, the stock price of intelligent driving leader Junsheng Electronic Co., Ltd. has plummeted, causing a heated discussion among investors.

On the other side, some “unpopular” industries are showing signs of stabilization and recovery. Sany Heavy Industry’s share price suffered a “cut”, this morning to stop falling pull up, the largest increase of more than 8%, and drive the machinery industry as a whole strong.

Hot plate internal fierce differentiation

The wind new energy vehicle index rose 0.12% in the morning, showing significant differentiation within the plate.

Ganfeng lithium industry and Tianqi lithium industry, the two leading lithium mines, continued to pull up their share prices in the morning after the trading limit was raised yesterday, and both of them set new record highs. As of the midday close, Ganfeng lithium rose 5.54%, and its market value rose to 266 billion yuan; Tianqi lithium rose 4.55%, and its market value rose to 124.2 billion yuan.

Daily trend of Tianqi lithium industry

In the early trading, the stock price of Junsheng electronics, which is engaged in the intelligent driving business, fell by the limit, with more than 120000 orders closed. From the perspective of public information, there is no obvious negative factor for the sudden drop of Junsheng electronics today. Even a few days ago, securities companies issued in-depth research reports to give the company a buy rating.

Junsheng electronics daily trend

In addition to Junsheng electronics, dangsheng technology, Xinwangda, xinzhoubang, Xiaokang shares, Shanshan shares and other new energy vehicle related stocks all fell more than 4% in the morning

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