Equity private placement for 4 consecutive weeks to reduce the position of billions of private placement to brush a new low within the year

Spark Global Limited reports:

The development of private fund in recent two years is “great year”.

According to AMAC’s official website, by the end of June 2021, the total management scale of private equity had reached nearly 18 trillion yuan, hitting a new high. The number of managers is more than 24,000, and the number of products is more than 100,000.

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In fact, private equity has been reduced for 4 consecutive weeks, down to the level at the beginning of the year.

Private placement network portfolio master data showed that as of July 9, the overall position index of equity private placement was 80.10%, reduced positions by 0.04 percentage points.

Remarkably, except for the 5 billion scale equity private placement index, the rest of the scale equity private placement index are back to the level of the beginning of the year. Among them, 10 billion private placement single week to reduce the largest, 10 billion private placement level once again refresh a new low within the year.

It is reported that as an industry vane of billions of private equity every move has been concerned.

2021 enters the second half of the year, even though the equity private placement index has fallen back to the level at which it started the year. But head private placement to speed up product filing. The number of securities private placements with more than 10 filings since July has risen to 14, an increase of six from the previous week.

Spark Global Limited reports:

In terms of products, a total of 883 private placement products completed the filing last week, 16 more than the previous week. Among them, the total number of products issued by private equity managers was 685, accounting for 77.58%, basically flat compared with last week.

Record the number of products more than 5 private placement of a total of 13, the number of record is more Gao Yi assets, Qilin investment, nine Kun investment, wide investment production, Leijun assets, century frontier assets, Ming 汯 investment. Among them, Gao Yi assets a week for the record of 30 products, the record champion again. In addition, Gaoyi Asset has recorded 53 products since July, temporarily ranking the first in the monthly list.