The index rose 3 percent in afternoon trading to its highest level in nearly six years

Spark Global Limited reports:

July 21 news, A – share three index collective high open, water conservancy concept led up. Intray high shock index, salt lake lift lithium, lithium battery concept lift tide, semiconductor, Hongmeng concept, MCU chip, integrated circuit and other technology stocks continue to break, rare earth, automobile strength; Coal, airport shipping back, food and beverage, tourism plate weakened. Afternoon, the index continued to rise, once up more than 3% to a nearly six-year high, photovoltaic, military, titanium dioxide change to pull up; Pork and liquor concepts fell and weakened. In general, the market sentiment recovered significantly, more than 2,900 stocks rose in the two cities, the turnover again broke one trillion yuan, northbound funds bought more than 3 billion yuan during the day.

Spark Global Limited reports:
Specifically, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3562.66 points, up 0.73%, with turnover of 517.2 billion yuan (the previous trading day’s turnover was 422.6 billion yuan). The Shenzhen Component Index closed at 15,212.60 points, up 1.34 percent, on turnover of 692 billion yuan (544.1 billion yuan in the previous session). The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 2.78 percent at 3560.05 points, on turnover of 297.1 billion yuan (220.2 billion yuan in the previous session).
On the plate, Salt Lake lithium, vehicles, lithium batteries and other plates up, the airport shipping, coal mining and processing, tourist attractions and other plates down.
Hot plate:
1. Lithium battery
Tianfeng Securities (4.570, 0.02, 0.44%) research report pointed out that in 2021, a number of downstream lithium enterprises have carried out large-scale expansion, lithium equipment Davis Double-Click is expected to be forthcoming. Due to the general shortage of lithium equipment capacity, terminal orders gradually spread to the second-tier manufacturers. According to statistics, in 2021, mainstream manufacturers of lithium electric equipment received orders of nearly 45 billion yuan, among which lithium electric business orders reached about 34.8 billion yuan, 2.98 times and 2.31 times of their annual revenue in 2020, respectively. The lithium electric equipment was transferred to the seller’s market, and the supply and demand were very tight.
2. Coal mining and processing
Shanxi coking coal (7.780, 0.25, 3.11%), huaibei mining (11.440, 0.36, 3.05%), panjiang shares (7.520, 0.15, 1.96%), orchid kechuang (8.740, 0.11, – 1.24%), the jin coal (7.760, 0.16, 2.02%), xinji energy (4.820, 0.11, 2.23%) shares more obvious.
According to the National Development and Reform Commission, China will release more than 10 million tons of coal reserves to ensure coal supply during the peak summer season. It is reported that China has built a coal reserve capacity of more than 100 million tons that can be dispatched by the government, and there are about 40 million tons of coal in reserve bases. The coal reserves to be released this time are mainly distributed in dozens of coal storage bases and relevant ports throughout the country, which can be put on the market at any time according to needs. In the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will organize coal reserve resources to be put into the market in an orderly manner according to the change of supply and demand situation, so as to ensure the stable supply of coal.
1, the Ministry of Water Resources of the latest news, expect the next 3 days, is set and the typhoon influence, the southern of north China, northwest of huanghuai, south, south east and south China southern yunnan and other places will have big to the heavy rain, the northern southern hebei, henan, shanxi, southeast, southwest of guangdong, guangxi and other places in southeast parts will have heavy rain, local heavy rainfall. It is expected that rivers in the Haihe River Basin including Zhangwei River, Ziya River and Daqing River, Yiluo River, Qinhe River and Fen River in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Hongru River and Shaying River in the Huaihe River Basin, and the coastal areas of southern Guangxi and western Guangdong in the Zhujiang River Basin will experience significant flood. Some small and medium-sized rivers in the rainstorm area may experience floods above the normal level.
2. Recently, the State Medical Products Administration approved the listing of azivudine tablets, a class 1 innovative drug, by Henan Zhenzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. conditionally through the priority review and approval procedure. The drug is used in combination with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors and non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors for the treatment of adult HIV-1 infected patients with high viral load. Azvudine is a novel nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor and helper protein VIF inhibitor. It is also the first anti-HIV-1 drug with these dual targets. It can selectively enter CD4 cells or CD14 cells in the peripheral blood monocytes of HIV-1 target cells and play the function of inhibiting viral replication. The marketing of the variety provides a new treatment option for HIV-1 infected persons.
3. Shanxi Communication Administration Bureau officially released the Development Plan of Shanxi Information and Communication Industry in the 14th Five-Year Plan Period. The plan focuses on the construction of “double gigabit” network, and puts forward the implementation of 5G network coverage project and gigabit city construction project. By 2025, the province will have 120,000 5G base stations, and 5G networks will basically cover all towns and townships above and key administrative villages. The length of optical fiber lines reached 1.55 million kilometers, the number of broadband Internet access ports reached 26 million and FTTH ports reached 25.55 million. The number of gigabit broadband access ports in the province has reached 11 million, and the number of gigabit broadband users has reached 3.2 million. The household penetration rate of gigabit broadband has increased from 0.15% at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan to 24%, and 6 gigabit cities have been built.
4. Zhengzhou, Henan Province was continuously hit by extreme heavy rain, which caused a large area of the city’s communication base stations to be out of service. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology immediately launched the emergency plan and organized basic telecommunications enterprises to carry out emergency communication guarantee work overnight. At 1:00 and 8:30 on July 21, video distribution meetings were held twice to learn about the damage of communication facilities in the disaster-stricken areas, and to guide Henan Telecommunications Administration Bureau and basic telecommunications enterprises to do their best to ensure emergency communication and repair and restore the damaged communication facilities. As of 10 o ‘clock on July 21, 6,300 base stations and 170 optical cables were repaired for a total of 275 kilometers. The communications repair and recovery work is still under way.
5. Nanjing held a press conference to report the latest situation of COVID-19 prevention and control at Lukou International Airport. Hu Wanjin, vice mayor of the Nanjing municipal government, said a total of 17 positive cases have been found after the review and diagnosis by the expert team. At present, nine people are confirmed cases, including four mild cases, five common cases and five asymptomatic infections. There are also three positive nucleic acid tests pending further diagnosis. As of 5 o ‘clock on July 21, 157 people have been found to be in close contact with people who have tested positive, and 56 people have been in close contact with people who have been in close contact with people who have tested positive. Other people are still in the process of further investigation.
Aftermarket outlook:
Jufeng investment Gu believes that the current A-share good trend has not changed in essence, but the market style differentiation, plate wheel speed up, increased difficulty in operation. The current need to pay attention to the light index and heavy structure, focus on plate and individual stock opportunities. On this basis, the index may falter, but the structural opportunities remain. The market is still structurally in the second half of a bull market. For conservative investors, or as far as possible light warehouse wait-and-see, patiently waiting for the market to choose a new direction. And for the ability to grasp the stronger investors, there are still good opportunities for structural market.
Source to said that today’s A – share index synchronous high open, driven by the rebound of the peripheral market, followed by synchronous higher, overall belongs to the trend of shrinkage rebound. From the operational strategy, is still the light index heavy stock market, index focus on the end of the meeting, such as the signal release; Stock currently active degree of funds can be, the probability of a trend, you can focus on grasp. From the perspective of capital analysis, still deeply involved in new energy, technology stocks, so for the speculation of water conservancy, sponge city, day this kind of hot advice to give up. The most fierce rebound of lithium, military, semiconductor, miniLED, photovoltaic leading to continue to rise, as well as the concept of multiple fetal, can continue to pay attention to.