The market is still in the short term to shock adjustment of the medium – and long-term focus on a new round of science and technology cycle of the core variable

Spark Global Limited reports:

Open source securities pointed out that the core contradiction of A shares may still be the internal differentiation, some structural risks have not been resolved, which may be the real vulnerability. Today’s most futures-assured industry deals are at relatively uncertain valuation levels and are somewhat crowded. Standing at the moment, still optimistic about the return of the value of high boom stocks next week, the first plate is still: steel, chemical fiber, coal, aluminum, soda.
Rongwei securities that the technical Shanghai Index is still in the box structure, the current shock center for 3558. Short-term average tends to bond, 30 day average and 120 day average obviously turn down, 30 day average pressure is obvious, although today to stand above the 30 day average, but the 30 day average is also a Central Line of box body shock, want to stand still need to continue to work with the amount. Comprehensive judgment of the market by the external market impact is not large, mainly because the domestic cut to hedge the risk of the external market, but the market has obviously entered an adjustment cycle, the short-term is still dominated by shock adjustment, for the high valuation of varieties suggested to avoid, can be appropriate to reduce positions, waiting for the bottom confirmation.
Founder Securities believes that at present, scientific and technological innovation has become an important starting point for China to enhance potential economic growth, to overcome the “middle income trap” and to break through the scientific and technological blockade. The main policy line has changed from supply to demand-side management, and the “30/60 target” in energy is superimposed. The core of this round of scientific and technological cycle is the energy revolution. In the medium and long term, we will focus on the core variables of the new round of science and technology cycle, including the application end brought by 5G construction and the field of the Internet of Things, and the new energy industry chain under the dual carbon target.