Small high finance July 20 fund operation share

Spark Global Limited reports:

Key points of today’s market: 1. At present, the total turnover of the two cities is 7703 billion yuan, compared with the same period yesterday, a contraction of 15.61%, the estimated turnover of the whole day is about 940 billion yuan; 2. The current net inflow of capital from Beijing to Shanghai is 2.766 billion yuan; 3. The ratio between the rise and fall of stocks in the two cities is 1761:2461, showing a modest profit making effect.

On the outside: The Nasdaq 100 is currently up 0.56%, Vietnam’s VN30 is down 0.66%, and the Hong Kong based index is down 1.88%. (The fluctuation of the outer disk is unstable, and the friend who bought it does not have to cover the position frequently, and pull open the interval between two adjacent covers)

Today, the overall fund operation: the Federal Reserve QE tightening expected to pick up, the recent trend will not be too calm. If you want to add warehouse, please be sure to control the rhythm, batch slowly add. Short-term A will continue to weak shock market, we do not suggest easy full position. Have full of friends, suggest lying flat, waiting for the market to pick up to reduce the position of some profit funds.

Spark Global Limited reports:

Operation and logic:

Guangfa Technology Innovation Mixture (008638)

Chemical plate today ushered in the adjustment, the recent construction of the fund also followed the fall, low suction point warehouse today, medium – and long-term optimism.

Add position 2000 yuan Huabao CSC Healthcare ETF Connection (LOF)A (162412)

Healthcare funds rose yesterday, today ushered in a pullback. Population aging trend background, long-term medicine is optimistic, callback on the point of warehouse.

A total of 6923 iron fans yesterday thumb up operation card, each awarded a cash cow! Today thumb up small target broke through 6789, wish thumb up friends smooth investment, rich flow!