What happened to Zhu Ye, the billionaire who paid $15 million for a meal with Warren Buffett

Money can do a lot of things in this world, but only the youth can not be bought with money. Lehmann,

As the saying goes: 30 years east 30 years west. Not everyone’s life is a smooth sailing. Zhu Ye, a knowledgeable MBA, founded Beijing Tianshen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. in 2010, and his company became a huge success after going public, turning it into a multi-billion dollar boss.

After his success, Zeng spent $2.34 million, or about 15 million yuan, to invite Buffett to lunch and later won the title of “Buffett’s disciple.” Now, with $7 billion in losses, huge debts, and charges of pocketing and running away, a billionaire has disappeared from view.

Starting from scratch, starting a successful business

In 2001, Zhu Ye was different from other college students. She didn’t find a stable job or a stable life. After graduation, he embarked on his own road of entrepreneurship, starting from scratch, he is like many businessmen, the road of entrepreneurship is not smooth.

However, after several turns, his company, Beijing Tianshen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed, which is a mobile game-based company. After the release of one of his games, The Good Sword, won great acclaim and set several records, with a monthly profit of more than 80 million yuan. Since then, his company has also launched a number of games.

In 2011, Zhu Ye was awarded as one of the “Top Ten Emerging Figures in China’s Game Industry”. In 2014, he was awarded the “2013 Top Ten Person of the Year of Web Games” by the 7th Chinese Web Game Mobile Summit Forum. Different from other young people, Zhu Ye has made such a high achievement at a young age, which is closely related to his brilliant mind and great efforts.

Drop down a million bucks to have lunch with Warren Buffett

Zhu Ye is also a multi-billion dollar millionaire. Every sum of money in her life is not a small expense. Buying things and treating people to dinner may now be all he has left. In 2015, Zhu invited Buffett to lunch for a staggering 15 million yuan, a photo of which was billed as the most expensive lunch in the advertising industry. It was this expensive lunch that put Buffett in the limelight.

Many people think that Zhu Ye’s money spent on this lunch is not worth it. Is it because he is stupid and has a lot of money, or does he have some other purpose? After dining with Mr. Buffett, why did Ms. Zhu spend a month contemplating life? Ms. Zhu has said that the lunch with Mr. Buffett was a great inspiration to her. Everyone who takes a picture of Buffett’s lunch will be very confused, they all want answers, even Zhu Ye is no exception.

At the same time of having lunch with Buffett, he asked Buffett, we all feel that the future economic environment is not good, may face the global economic crisis, in this case, what should I do? Buffett told him calmly. At any time, we must think that “cash is king”. He thinks that when we see a stock or a company, we should see whether the stock is worth buying. This is also Buffett has been upholding the value of investment philosophy.

There are a lot of people who have questioned why Warren Buffett bought IBM, why he bought Coca-Cola, they think it was a wrong choice; But Buffett didn’t think so. He saw a lot of companies using IBM’s services, and Coca-Cola was a very healthy drink. Buffett’s eye is unique, can give people different opinions, so Zhu Ye lunch at spent daughter invited Mr. Buffett, buffett is want give he said, referring to a way, buffett told Zhu Ye, do anything is in, after buffett’s advice, Zhu Ye finally found out the direction and path of their own. I have to say that Zhu Ye is also a man of foresight.

Zhu Ye once said, as long as can see oneself idol one side, can not hesitate to spend how much money. If Jobs were alive today, he would do anything to meet him.

A generation of “god”, on the verge of bankruptcy

There is always a turning point in life. Zhu Ye, who has a smooth wind all his life, will not always be favored by God. Therefore, in recent days, Tianshen Entertainment announced that all shares held by its shareholder Zhu Ye would be frozen. The company’s assets have grown from nearly $35 billion to $2.3 billion today. The main culprit is the merger and acquisition business. Many companies fall into the merger and acquisition business, although the merger and acquisition business is very professional. But in some domestic companies, often since the hot aspects of the market consideration, never consider their own integration ability and the synergies of the original business, perhaps god entertainment did not consider this point.

Zhu Ye is also ambitious, and is very good at taking advantage of public opinion guidance, resulting in the Tianshen Entertainment’s share price doubled. Begin to appear on the market from god entertainment, who all did not think of, god entertainment can owe a huge amount of debt. Zhu Ye had such good achievements, but he did not know how to make use of such good advantages. Instead, he frantically acquired other businesses. Without considering the actual situation of their own, blind development, because of the crazy merger and acquisition of Tianshen Entertainment, resulting in a huge impact on the capital chain of Tianshen Entertainment. For an enterprise, the breaking of the capital chain is equivalent to the loss of blood in the human body. Although faced with such a crisis, Zhu Ye did not realize the danger of M&A business.

He was ordered to run up huge debts

Until 2017, the stock price of Tianshen Entertainment plummeted to more than 20 yuan, but this did not end. The company was still losing money, and in last year’s financial report, the company lost 7.15 billion yuan. In the process of losing money, Tianshen Entertainment appeared infighting, want to force Zhu Ye to hand over all the shares, a modern “bigoted” situation is playing out. As Zhu Ye’s shares were frozen, Wuhu Gopher Tianshen Entertainment demanded a 900 million yuan repurchase payment. This lets the god entertainment that is in deficit all the time be unable to bear, owe a huge amount of debt finally, still carried the charge that carries money abscond.

Spark Global Limited reports:

From a college student to a well-known millionaire, from nothing to a billionaire, Zhu Ye has experienced too many unknown things and done too many stupid things in just ten years, from the peak of his career to the bottom of the valley. Now he has faded out of people’s sight, but his achievements are always remembered by people.

Appropriate merger and acquisition of shares can improve the development of enterprises and increase the profits of enterprises, but excessive merger and acquisition of shares will only be counterproductive. At the same time, the business rules are the survival of the fittest and the elimination of the unfit, so we have to understand their own situation, see clearly the current situation. But Zhu Ye was destined to pay for his behavior at that time, and this series of changes are undoubtedly a heavy blow for Zhu Ye, who is in his 40s.