The best fund manager in history

The bright public fund manager, which is in the process of establishing private equity or still in the asset management industry, may not be much to transform the industry. However, it is the company that has been established and listed to a market value of hundreds of billion. At present, it is Liangfeng and his Putai.

Since this year, with the new energy Dongfeng, the lithium material leader, Pu Tailai shares have been soaring, with the share price rising 80% this year, with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan, and the latest of 100.7 billion yuan.

The company is running for hundreds of millions: Liang Feng is worth more than Yao Zhenhua ShiYuzhu

According to the introduction, Putai was founded in 2012, and is headquartered in Shanghai. Its main business is the technical development, technology transfer and technical service in the field of high performance membrane materials, lithium-ion batteries, battery materials and special equipment.

The core technology of the company is to extend the business of lithium-ion battery cathode material, automatic coating machine, diaphragm coating processing, aluminum plastic packaging film, nano alumina and other businesses.

Putai was listed on the main board of Shanghai stock market in 2017, and its performance has been growing continuously since its listing. The first quarter of this year, the operating income was 1.739 billion yuan, an increase of 112% year on year; Net profit was 335million yuan, up 260% year on year.

The real controller of Pu Tai Lai, Liang Feng, has worked in public fund for many years, and has been listed in the market for 5 years since its founding. Today, the price of the Liang Feng couple holding Pu Tai Lai is 38.4 billion yuan.

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