All of a sudden! The limit was raised last trading day

On July 19, Hangzhou thermoelectric (605011, SH), a new secondary stock with 12 straight up and down trading limits, fell 10.01% at the close of the day, with a turnover rate of 4.03%. It sold 9899 orders, with a turnover of only 40.55 million yuan, and the latest market value of 10.03 billion yuan.

However, Hangzhou thermal power stock bar has completely exploded, and netizens are obviously flustered. Some people say, “there will be another limit tomorrow?”, Others left a message saying, “let me out.”.

It is worth noting that the company also issued an announcement to remind investors to pay attention to the trading risk.

According to the announcement, the stock price of the company has continued to rise in the near future. From June 30 to July 15, 2021, the trading limit has been raised for 12 consecutive trading days. The closing price of a shares of the company has risen from 8.88 yuan / share to 25.33 yuan / share, up 185.25%. According to the data released by China Securities Index Co., Ltd., as of July 15, 2021, the company’s rolling P / E ratio was 43.33 times, significantly higher than the industry average. In particular, the company reminds investors to pay attention to the secondary market transaction risk, rational decision-making and prudent investment. At the same time, the announcement also stressed that the board of directors of the company confirmed that up to now, there are no other matters that should be disclosed but not disclosed according to the relevant provisions of the Listing Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange, or plans, negotiations, intentions and agreements related to such matters, The board of directors has not been informed of the information that should be disclosed but has not been disclosed in accordance with the Listing Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange and other relevant provisions, which may have a greater impact on the trading prices of the company’s shares and their derivatives; There is no need to correct or supplement the information disclosed by the company in the early stage.