Up to 18 times

This morning, the A-share market as a whole continued the structural market. Lithium, photovoltaic and other new energy sectors continue to make efforts to drive the gem index up strongly; The Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 fell into a downturn again, which dragged the Shanghai Stock Exchange index down after a short jump.

Early performance of major A-share indexes

In addition to the continued differentiation of the market structure, the soaring trend on the first day of the listing of n-readers also attracted attention. After setting the lowest net initial fund-raising amount in nearly nine years, n readers triggered two temporary stops in a row in just 10 minutes on the first day of listing, and the share price rose by nearly 18 times in the morning.

N readers jumped 1770.97% in early trading

N reader (reader Culture) was first listed today, and its stock price triggered temporary stop for two consecutive times in the morning, with the biggest rise of 1770.97%.

Specifically, the opening price of n readers today was 13.95 yuan / share, 800% higher than the issue price of 1.55 yuan / share. Entering the continuous bidding stage, n readers almost instantly touched the first temporary stop price of 18.14 yuan / share (30% higher than the opening price for the first time). After the first temporary stop resumption, n readers triggered the second temporary stop in a very short time (60% higher than the opening price for the first time), and the second temporary stop price was 22.32 yuan / share.

After the second temporary suspension and resumption of trading, the share price of N reader continued to rise rapidly, reaching a maximum of 29.00 yuan per share, which was 1770.97% higher than the issue price.

As of the midday close, the share price of N reader was 26.28 yuan / share, up 1595.48% from the issue price, with a turnover rate of 57.43% and a half day turnover of 487 million yuan.

Trend of n readers in the morning

The market generally believes that the soaring performance of n-readers in the morning trading today is related to the company’s IPO pricing which is far lower than expected.

According to the prospectus, dukewen issued 40.01 million shares at the price of 1.55 yuan per share, raising a total of 62.0155 million yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses of 18.2874 million yuan, the actual net amount of funds raised was only 43.7281 million yuan.

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