Ping An CMB soars 70 billion

absolutely unexpected! Yesterday, he was still lamenting the dark moment of Ping’an Vanke and other old white horses. The masses of investors began to read the Ping’an classic of blue chips. Today, the whole market fell, but these old white horses came to protect the owners.

This morning, more than 3000 stocks fell, and even “lithium” failed. Ping An of China “fought back against the sky” and soared by 3%, Vanke a rose by more than 1%, and the traditional white horse represented by Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 rose by more than 3% and Maotai rose by 1.43%.

And just yesterday, we were still making fun of Lao Baima and reciting the peace Sutra.

What happened? Ping An China Merchants Bank suddenly soared 70 billion, foreign investors crazy buy! But 3300 stocks fell, 100 billion “education Mao” collapse limit! A-share style to change?

At the close of the morning, the Shanghai index rose 0.23%, the Shenzhen composite index fell 0.34%, the gem index fell 0.29%, and the tech innovation 50 index fell 0.87%. Banks, Baijiu, photovoltaic and insurance are well built. New energy vehicles, blockchain, 5g, Huawei, etc. 3338 stocks fell and 956 stocks rose in the two cities, with a turnover of 734.5 billion yuan.

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