2021 the most miserable Baijiu is baked.

Not buying stocks a few years ago? Never mind, you can have some Baijiu because it can go up and is called YYDS by the market.

However, after entering the 2021, the strategy of blind Baijiu liquor failed.

This year Baijiu plate differentiation serious, over the year rose more than 30% of 4, respectively, is the wine, Shuijingfang, Jiugui, Shanxi Fen. On the contrary, Shun Xin agriculture has the biggest decline in the Baijiu plate, the most miserable Baijiu in 2021.

The K-line data shows that the share price of Shunxin agriculture has entered the callback channel since it hit a high of 77.64 yuan on January 5. Up to now, its share price has dropped as much as 49.88% compared with the high point, and its total market value has evaporated about 28.733 billion yuan. According to the evaporation market value, the average loss of the company’s 69320 shareholders is about 414400 yuan.

As of the midday close, the share price of Shunxin agriculture was 38.91 yuan, with a total market value of 28.86 billion yuan.

Why does the share price of Shunxin agriculture keep falling? Or with the company’s performance growth.

In 2020, the net profit of Shunxin agriculture decreased by 48.10% year on year, which was the first negative growth since 2013. Behind the decline in performance, it is related to the development of Baijiu business and real estate business.

Public information shows that Shun Xin agriculture is a diversified enterprise, its main business includes Baijiu, slaughtering, real estate and so on.