Recommendation of coal stocks

This morning, the driverless leader, dessicawi, opened more than 9 percent lower and quickly closed the drop stop. By the end of the morning, the stock was at 108.93 yuan, down 10% from yesterday, with more than 10000 orders sealed. Yesterday evening, the company released the first half of the performance forecast, with a net profit of 360million yuan to 375 million yuan, an increase of 56.81% – 63.35% year-on-year.

Recently, the market entered the peak period of performance forecast, and the stocks whose performance was lower than expected were voted by the market with their feet; And the performance of the stock boom, is expected to be favored by the market.

Slow bull stocks suddenly fell to the limit

Public information shows that desasevius is one of the leading automotive electronic enterprises in the world, providing innovative, intelligent and competitive product solutions and services for intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and vehicle networking technology. Since listing in 2017, except for the poor trend in 2018, the slow bull trend of the company has been prominent on the whole, rising nearly 75% in 2019, 177% last year and 44% this year.

The company is also one of the target groups of institutions, with more than 30 institutions taking heavy positions in the first quarter. Slow bull stocks suddenly fell to the limit, perhaps mainly due to the performance of the mid term report was not as expected. The company’s performance in the first half of the year is expected to increase by 56.81% ~ 63.35%, which is significantly lower than the growth rate of 312.08% in the first quarter; The net profit of China Daily was 360million yuan to 375 million yuan, while the net profit in the second quarter was less than 150 million yuan, which decreased year on year. The company’s net profit in the first quarter of this year was 228million yuan, and the net profit in the second quarter of last year was 174million yuan.

According to the Huaxi Securities Research Report, the company’s performance fell on a month-on-year basis, and the judgment mainly stems from two factors: industry side: affected by lack of core, passenger car sales in the second quarter were under pressure. According to the data of the passenger Union, the output of passenger cars in the second quarter was -3.2% year on year, and the ratio was -1.9%; Company end: as an automobile electronic enterprise, the cost of electronic raw materials accounts for relatively high proportion, and the cost increase caused by lack of core is expected to lower the company’s gross profit to a certain extent.

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