30 billion lithium battery bull stocks plummeted

In early trading today, the A-share market fluctuated and adjusted as a whole. The growth enterprise market index once fell below 3500 points, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 index was the weakest, falling nearly 2% at one time, hitting a new low in the year. Among them, the constituent stock Ping An of China hit a new low in two and a half years, falling more than 33% since the beginning of this year. Industrial Fulian, Shandong gold, Hengrui medicine, etc. also hit new lows in the year.

On the disk, it was mainly reflected in the stock market. Coal, warehousing and logistics, medicine, chemical fiber and other sectors were relatively active. The strong new energy vehicle industry chain in the early stage was fully recovered, while lithium battery, cobalt metal, fuel cell and other sectors led the decline. There was a net outflow of 7.2 billion yuan.

Zhongbao mine released

The performance forecast time of the mid term report is usually before July 15, so the performance wave of the mid term report has also entered a high-risk area. The performance mines were released today, and the individual stocks with pre loss, pre decline and growth not reaching the expected fell sharply in a large area, which is also one of the important reasons for today’s market adjustment.

Jinyi technology announced today that in the first half of the year, the company had an advance loss of 27.9 million yuan to 34.1 million yuan, while in the same period last year, it also made a profit of 363 million yuan, with earnings per share of 205 yuan. In view of the reasons for the loss, Jinyi technology said that during the reporting period, the revenue of highway etc business decreased year on year, resulting in the overall revenue of the company decreased year on year, and the government subsidies obtained by the company decreased year on year. Jinyi technology fell to the limit at the beginning of the morning trading, while the pre loss stocks of mid daily news, such as Yuanda intelligent, Huaxi energy and Henan energy holdings, also fell sharply.

With the overall control of the epidemic, companies that once made a lot of money due to surging demand for masks and other products began to fade their aura of high growth. Today, Dow, one of the melt blown cloth giants, announced that it is expected to achieve a net profit of 101 million yuan to 123 million yuan in the first half of 2021, a year-on-year decrease of 79.00% – 82.81%. In the early trading, dawn shares fell nearly 4%, and the share price hit a new low in nearly a year and a half. St plus plus, Nanjing public, Shenzhen Zhonghua A and other stocks also fell in depth.

Although the Chinese daily of Desai Xiwei is expected to increase by 56.81% – 63.35%, it is far from the growth of 312.08% in the first quarter. In addition, Desai Xiwei is expected to make a profit of 360 million yuan to 375 million yuan in the first half of the year, while it once realized a net profit of 228 million yuan, indicating that the performance of the second quarter is lower than that of the first quarter. Desai Xiwei opened lower in the morning and closed at the end of midday.

Recently, the new energy vehicles and lithium battery plate, which has set a new record, also stopped the rising trend of the whole plate suddenly because of the announcement of the mid term report of several related stocks today, which resulted in a sharp decline in the growth rate of the second quarter’s performance and a sharp drop in the share price.