Ping An Hengrui fell sharply

So far this year, one of the most miserable investors is those who prefer undervalued stocks, such as Ping An of China, Vanke A, Gree Electric, and white horse blue chip Hengrui medicine. Seeing the new energy track making a lot of money, the market value of our stock is still losing blood.

Unfortunately, Ping An of China, Vanke A and Hengrui medicine are at new lows since the fall. Investors who have made a bottom of the market did not expect that there was a basement under the floor. In the morning, Ping An and Hengrui medicine of China fell by 3% at one time, and by nearly 40% at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

No wonder there are private said, do not say to speculators, I wish you a safe journey.

Blue chips are too miserable. The Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 index also hit a new low this year. At one time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell by more than 1%. At the close of the morning, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell by 0.82%, the Shenzhen composite index fell by 0.38%, and the gem index fell slightly by 0.08%. The turnover of the two markets was 760 billion yuan, 2807 stocks fell, and 1444 stocks rose.

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