Tuba rabbit will be the next a share

As an important bridge for the digital transformation of the real economy, the industrial Internet integrates with the real economy in a wider scope, deeper level and higher level. The essence of its integration is to reshape and transform the industrial chain and internal value chain of various vertical industries based on Internet technology and ecology to form the Internet Ecology and form.

Focusing on the home decoration industry, which has both opportunities and challenges, undoubtedly provides fertile development soil for industrial Internet.

According to Wang Guobin, chairman of tubatu, the key to the integration of the two is to get through the information flow through the unified platform, and then get through the user window.

With the launch of Tuba rabbit, this idea is also accelerating to become a reality.

Recently, according to the website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the application for listing on the growth enterprise market of tubatu Group Co., Ltd. has been accepted, which will impact the “Internet home decoration first share” of A-share market.

This public offering is no less than 25% of the total share capital of the company after the issuance, no more than 60 million shares. It is planned to raise more than 700 million yuan, mainly for technology research and development and data platform upgrading, operation service center construction and omni channel marketing construction, operation information platform construction, etc.

Objectively speaking, it is still impressive that Tuba rabbit can stand out from the Internet home decoration industry.

According to the statistics of iResearch, in 2015, there were 123 financing events in China’s Internet home decoration industry, which was the year with the largest number of financing from 2011 to 2019. In this hottest year, there are not a few enterprises that have received big capital blessing, but now most of them have disappeared from the public, or even faded out of the world.

In contrast, tubatu, as an old brand enterprise established in 2008, can constantly innovate and integrate, and walk steadily to the door of listing, highlighting the value of “scouring the sand in waves, sinking for gold”.