Once the richest man in Gansu Province

On the evening of July 12, * ST Hengkang issued a notice that it had received the civil ruling, decision and notice delivered by Longnan central court, which had ruled to accept the application for reorganization of *st Hengkang by Guangzhou Zhongtong Huida commercial factoring Co., Ltd., and effective from July 8, 2021.

*St Hengkang also suggested that the court has officially accepted the application for the reorganization of the company. If the reorganization fails, it may also be ruled by the court to terminate the reorganization procedure and declare bankruptcy. It is a pity that the “first share of private hospitals” has not been in such a situation.

But all this should be said by que Wenbin, the richest man in Gansu Province, and it may be strange to everyone. But when it comes to unique capsules, we are familiar with it. From 2009 to 2017, que Wenbin has been the richest person in Gansu for nine years. Now, with the “desolation” of Hengkang medical, his equity is constantly auctioned by the judiciary, and even the aircraft purchased by Hao has entered the judicial auction procedure.

Also on the evening of July 12, * ST Hengkang announced that 5.30% of the shares held by the company’s controlling shareholder que Wenbin will be auctioned by the judicial court, which is not the first time that the shares held by que Wenbin have been put into judicial auction. In early April 2019 and early February 2021, Que Wenbin has been publicly implemented the judicial auction shares twice.

Up to now, que Wenbin’s * ST Hengkang shares have been auctioned by 155.5 million shares (excluding the auction), accounting for 8.34% of the total share capital of the company.

In the past few days, the news that two private airplanes with an estimated value of over 100 million will be auctioned by the judiciary has also caused netizens to watch and discuss.

A gulf stream G550 (known as the “standard match” by billionaires in the industry, and Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin have also purchased it) will be auctioned in Ali on July 14; Another Gulfstream G450 will also be auctioned in Beijing East on July 15. Both of the two official aircraft are owned by Sichuan vertical and horizontal Airlines Co., Ltd. the real controller behind the company is que Wenbin.