The big three chip companies

Chip can be regarded as one of the strongest themes of A-share in recent years. Last year, the chip index rose by 38.25%. After a brief adjustment in the first quarter of this year, the chip sector began to counterattack. Just yesterday, the chip index hit a record high, with a rebound rate of 39% compared with the low point in the year. Many stocks rose sharply when they got involved in the chip concept.

According to statistics from securities times · databao, as of the close of July 12, chip concept stocks have increased by 18.66% on average since June, 20 percentage points higher than the Shanghai index in the same period. Five chip concept stocks, including fullman electronics, Runhe software, national technology, Zhezhong shares and Shanghai Beiling, have doubled their cumulative gains during the period. In July alone, 27 shares reached a record high, including Weill shares, Ziguang Guowei, Zhonghuan shares and Northern Huachuang shares with a market value of more than 100 billion. At present, the total market value of chip concept stock a is 6.33 trillion yuan, which has exceeded the market value of the whole chemical industry.

New players in the chip field

According to the latest news, meituan Wang Xing has also made chip layout. Tianyan survey shows that recently, Shanghai zhiasticin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. has conducted round B financing, and meituan affiliated company kuxun technology and meituan Industrial Fund meituan Longzhu have appeared on the investors. In addition, investors include Wangtai Henghui investment fund, Tianchuang capital, Yaotu capital, GGV Jiyuan capital and Fengyuan capital.

Kuxun technology and meituan Longzhu are affiliated enterprises of meituan. Beijing kuxun Technology Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by xigua limited, and Mu Rongjun, the co-founder of meituan, is the executive director.

According to the data, smart core technology is committed to the research and development of high-performance and low-power AI processor chips. Based on the vertical integration of algorithms, chips and products, it provides full stack solutions for partners and helps customers realize the rapid implementation of the latest technologies.

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