Leading stock price of photovoltaic materials

Dongfang Shenghong (000301), the leading EVA particle, rose more than 60% in 14 trading days, and closed the trading limit board by 24.51 yuan as of the date of publication, up 10%.

Why is the share price of Dongfang Shenghong so strong? According to the announcement on July 10, the company plans to buy the EVA particle leader, srbon, with RMB 14.36 billion.

What is eva particle?

EVA particles are the important raw materials of EVA film, an important part of photovoltaic module, and the cost of EVA film in the photovoltaic module terminal accounts for about 7%. In recent years, with the development of n-type battery technology and the demand of reducing the single w silicon consumption, the thickness of silicon wafer tends to thin; The chip will bring the increase of the fragment rate of the package, so it needs a higher single gram of glue film to protect the battery. In recent years, with the rapid wafer flaking, the weight of the film has been increased continuously, and the demand continues to rise.

Current industrial structure

Industrial Securities pointed out that due to the rapid development of photovoltaic as clean energy demand under the background of carbon neutralization, it is expected that as much as 60000 tons of PV grade EVA particles will appear in q3-q4 quarter in 21 years. With the price inflection point of silicon material, glass and other photovoltaic raw materials approaching, the installed capacity of the whole photovoltaic in the second half year is increased to 100gw in the second half year compared with 60GW in the first half of the year, while the demand for photovoltaic EVA particles in the second half of the year is 427000 tons. However, in the second half of the year, due to limited capacity release, there is a big gap in demand.