Gem index up 3.68%

The central bank’s overall drop in accuracy boosted market confidence. The three major A-share indexes rose early in the morning, with the gem index rising by more than 4%, a new high of more than six years. The two markets showed a general upward trend, with a short-term sentiment, and the volume of transactions in the two markets was significantly enlarged, and the transaction volume in the two markets exceeded 850billion yuan in the morning. Lithium plate continues to strengthen, Ningde era innovation high. Securities companies, automobiles, communication equipment and other sectors rose. On the disk, CRO, phosphorus chemical, network security, lithium and other sectors were the top gainers, while banking, environmental protection engineering, airport shipping and other sectors were the top gainers. In the afternoon, the index was high, Huawei Hongmeng concept, semiconductor chip, national defense and military industry etc. rose and strengthened, the network security plate lifted the tide of fluctuation, and several shares such as Green Alliance Technology and Zhaori shares rose and stopped successively. Lithium battery plate continued in the afternoon, Ganfeng lithium industry sealed plate, Shengxin lithium energy, Tibet Mining, Nord shares and other shares rose and stopped. On the whole, more than 2800 stocks in the two cities rose, and the effect of making money in the market was good. Disk, network security, CRO, lithium batteries and other sectors led the rise, airport shipping, banking, aquaculture and other sectors led the decline.

As of the closing, the Shanghai index rose 0.67 percent to 3547.84, while the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 2.14 percent to 15161.52, while the gem index rose 3.68 percent to 3534.76. The volume of transactions between Shanghai and Shenzhen markets exceeded 1.3 trillion yuan, which was a new high in the year, breaking through trillion for 8 consecutive trading days.

In terms of gold absorption, the north-end funds bought 1.642 billion yuan in a day, including 1.923 billion yuan of net sales of Shanghai Stock connect and 3.565 billion yuan of Shenzhen Stock connect.

Message side:

1. Lin zhengyue’e: it is expected that the opening date of cross border financial link will be announced soon

When the cross-border financing communication in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan district has been discussed for many times, chief executive Lin zhengyuee said in a radio program that many work has been done and the opening date is expected to be published soon. Mrs Lam said there were ways to deal with the problem that Hong Kong people could not open accounts in the mainland. She also said that it is not necessary to wait until the return of personnel to have an opportunity, and hope that the public will be able to wait patiently.

2. MCU seal test increase of 15% still short of demand

The housing economy continues to impose the market conditions for car use, semiconductor seal test continues to supply. IC designers revealed that the current MCU packaging capacity is the most tight (the minimum order volume from the beginning to the near future, it has doubled by five times), making the largest increase of MCU packaging this quarter, up to 15%. The demand for memory packaging is also booming, not only cancel the discount to customers, but also dynamically adjust the price, and operate by the industry such as Daiwang daymooncast control, super rich, Nanmao and Licheng.

3. Ministry of culture and Tourism: it is proposed that the online performance agency shall not hype the income of network performers

The Ministry of culture and tourism issued an announcement on the “measures for the administration of online performance agencies (Draft)”. According to the draft, online performance agencies shall not induce users to consume by means of false consumption and taking the lead in offering rewards, and shall not hype the income of online performers by means of reward ranking and false publicity. The online performance agency should strengthen the restriction on the contracted online performers and require them not to induce users’ consumption by means of special treatment, language stimulation, promised rebate, etc.

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