The assistant of the solo Xia is close to becoming a magic Commander

According to woj, the magic are close to reaching agreement with lone ranger assistant coach JAMEL Mosley, who has become the leader of the new magic coach.

Sources said the two sides are still communicating, but Mosley has been favored by magic. The magic are a team that has entered the reconstruction stage. They are in the fifth and eighth draft this year. Mosley’s ability in player development is appreciated by magic.

The magic’s last coach was Steve Clifford. He worked for the magic for three years. In the first two years, he led the team into the playoffs. This season, because the magic chose to rebuild, including vucevic, Gordon and funiye were all traded in the middle of the season, he didn’t enter the playoffs this year. After the end of the season, Clifford and the team reached an agreement, Clifford left the magic.

It is revealed that the magic’s selection has now narrowed the list of candidates to two. The other is Denver’s assistant coach, young anseld, who is also one of the leading candidates of the wizard coach.

Mosley has been working as a lone ranger for the past seven years. He has a close relationship with Dong Qiqi. In the match of the lone ranger in Madison Square Garden this season, Mosley took the place of Carlisle, who was isolated at that time. After the team won, Dong Qiqi said: “Mosley has the necessary conditions for a head coach.”

Mosley, from the University of Colorado, was a draft winner in 2005. He played overseas for four years and then worked as a player development for nuggets. He spent four years in Nuggets (2005-2010), then went to Cavaliers, then came to Dallas. His offensive philosophy was formed under the guidance of George Carr and Carlisle.