24 lotus trademarks appear

As the memory of taste buds of several generations, Lianhua monosodium glutamate was almost a household name. The predecessor of Lianhua health (600186), a listed company, also relied on this dominant brand to land in the capital market. However, with the shrinking market demand of monosodium glutamate products in recent years and the poor production and management of enterprises, lotus health’s performance is difficult to change, and once it was “wearing a star with a hat”.

Recently, on Alibaba’s judicial auction network platform, 24 “Lotus Series” trademarks quietly went online, which attracted a lot of sighs from the market. Is this once famous trademark going to change owners because of the difficulties of the enterprise? A reporter from securities times · e company called Lianhua health to learn that the auctioneer is not related to the listed company, and the production of the enterprise will not be affected.

“Lotus” trademark appears on auction platform

Recently, a group of “Lotus” trademarks quietly appeared on Alibaba’s judicial auction network platform, with a total of 24 auction targets. The starting price ranges from 822900 yuan to 6582900 yuan. According to the “intangible assets – trademark assets appraisal list” published by the auction website, the total appraisal price of 24 commercial targets has reached 82286300 yuan.

According to the auction information, all the 24 auctions were sold by Henan Lianhua monosodium glutamate Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lianhua Group”), and the auction will be executed by Zhoukou intermediate people’s court from 10:00 on August 4 to 10:00 on August 5.

There are many lotus products such as monosodium glutamate, condiments and so on.

For example, Lianhua Shangpin trademark, which starts at 6.5829 million yuan, uses food preservative salt, table salt, celery salt, vinegar, soy sauce, vinegar essence, condiments, snacks based on grains, bean powder and edible ice. Lotus, another brand with the same starting price, uses monosodium glutamate and monosodium glutamate.

Data show that Lianhua monosodium glutamate used to be the largest monosodium glutamate production and export base in China. The leading product “Lianhua” brand monosodium glutamate is the first to obtain ISO9001 international quality system certification and HACCP system certification in China’s monosodium glutamate industry. The export volume in peak period accounts for more than 80% of China’s annual total export volume of monosodium glutamate.

However, the Lotus brand to be transferred has not attracted much attention. Up to now, no one has signed up to participate in the auction of 24 trademarks, and the onlookers of a single trademark have no more than 300 times.

Tianyancha information shows that Lianhua Group, the auctioneer, was established in September 1997 with Guo Jian as its legal representative and a registered capital of 550 million yuan. Its business scope includes the sales of monosodium glutamate, health care products, leather and leather products, feed, machinery and equipment, instruments and accessories.

The group is 100% controlled by Xiangcheng people’s government, and its subsidiaries include Henan Lianhua monosodium glutamate import and Export Co., Ltd. and Henan Lianhua Clothing Co., Ltd., involving more than 50 lawsuits, including more than 200 million yuan in March 2021.

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