This financial genius

In 1995, Wang Yawei, once the number one science student in Anhui province’s college entrance examination, graduated more than a year ago. His family still lives in a semi underground house in dongshitiao, Beijing.

He was assigned to the CITIC International Cooperation Company, doing business work, just before leaving contact with the stock investment business.

Fan Yonghong, then general manager of Huaxia Securities Dongsi business department, in line with the principle of saving advertising expenses, asked the headquarters for a batch of resumes that did not meet the headquarters standards. After calling five people, only Wang Yawei immediately agreed to change his job.

After Wang Yawei entered the post, he was first engaged in the work of stock review.

This Tsinghua Xueba left a deep impression on Zhao Xiaoyun, the leader at that time

“Wang Yawei is smart. After reading some financial statements, he will have some sensitive understanding. He has a strong market acumen and ability to capture public information, and can predict possible stories through some public information. ”

In July 1997, Zhao Xiaoyun left Dongsi business department. When he left, he recommended Wang Yawei to fan Yonghong as his successor.

It has to be said that Zhao Xiaoyun, later known as “China’s first Zhuang Tuo”, has a high vision and good eyesight.

After Zhao Xiaoyun resigned, he established “Oriental Trend Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.”. In 1997, Zhao Xiaoyun brought a graduate student named Li Fei from the Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance under his command.

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