Didi travel Download

The download channel of didi travel app is being blocked by the whole network.

On the morning of July 8, “didi official website offline didi travel app” rushed to microblog for hot search. Media found that didi official website no longer provides downloads.

On July 4, the app store was under the “drop trip” app; In July 7th, drop trips were carried out in Alipay applet and WeChat applet. In the transportation and travel services of wechat payment, we can no longer see didi travel.

However, Zhongzheng Jun found that “drop drop travel download” was retrieved in the search engine, and a small number of “missed fish” could be provided for download in the returned search results link.

There are still websites committing crimes against the wind

Through a search engine, Zhongzheng Jun searches “didi travel download”, and a lot of PC side third-party download platforms appear in the center.

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